How have have the lines for the “New” pirates been lately?


Very full. 30-45 minutes for both entrances, especially after Jack Sparrow does his show it gets really full. But the que lines are A.C’d and the lines do go by quickly.


plus the atmosphere of the queue line itself is so wonderful, you don’t mind if it takes you a little longer to get to the ride itself!:pirate:


When I went last month, you will not believe how long the lines were. :blink: They were practically heading towards Frontierland… I wanted to go on the ride, but we ended up getting a fastpass instead. :laugh:


is the new ride worth the line? this is PoTC, of course the ride is worth the line. what was i thinking???


I thought the ride was quite the disappointment… I don’t know why but I expected it to be different, not just 2 AA’s of Jack placed behind a barrel and a scene at the end.

He did look quite cute though. :wub:


Wow, so I guess you missed the Davy Jones projection, Captain Barbosa, the movie props now placed in the “treasure cave” scene, the re-recorded sound bites that go along with the changes?

IMHO the balance was just right. They changed enough to make it a little different but did not totally change what is one of the classic rides of the park. It’s still my old, favorite ride, just with some new fun stuff in it.

As far as the lines…when I was there it was closed for several hours every day due to technical problems. When it was up and running the lines ALWAYS said 45 minutes. The three times I went on, it never took that long to get through to the boats. I think the longest we spent in the line was 20-25 minutes tops, despite the “45 minute” sign being out.


i hope the lines are not too bad when i am there next week…i’ll have to wait and see.


I agree with the disappointment. We were there last week, the lines weren’t bad. I’d say maybe 20 minutes. But, it’s true that it gets really crowded after the Captain Jack show outside the entrance - A MUST SEE!!!

Whatever they did, something is missing. The music isn’t as loud, and I guess you can explain it as a little less “busy.” It was great to see the new characters, but would have been better if they just added them in, instead of taking other things away.

I can’t put my finger on what was missing, but something is, and it’s not the same.


Heh, lucky… I guess I was there around the time the ride opened? The lines were always 60 minutes or more. :blink:


We went on it twice and both times the lines were ok (probably 15 minutes or so).


yeah 15 minutes or so for us…

I thought Barbosa looked off…the waterfall effect was WONDERFUL!


I sure hope it’s not the Pearl that Barbossa is on. Because if it’s supposed to be, they’ve got it all wrong. But that’s really my only complaint. I’m EXSTATIC about the additions. The additional soundtrack is beautiful, the new special FX are unbelievable. The 3 AAs of Jack are so lifelike you expect him to get up and get in the boat any second. Plus the scenes all still have the same story to them so the spirit of the original ride lives on. I’m very pleased with the rides additions and would ride CONSTANTLY if I could.


We loved what they did to the ride. I agree with Goofy Daddy that the balance was just right.


No I don’t think that is supposed to be the Pearl.


I can’t wait to ride it…


i wish they would bring the parrot back on the outside. i liked him


:laugh: :laugh: Yeah. No wonder something seemed to be missing!



i hate it when they change things too much…


But that’s just it. They haven’t changed it much. You still have the feel of the original ride. It’s just cleaned up with some incredible SFX and a few additional AAs.