Pirates,Crowds,Heat,and the Yeti, Oh my!


This is just a teaser, but I wanted to get something started before I forgot any more!

We had quite a trip! I have discovered that I really don’t care for the heat, and, that can pose a problem in Orlando in August.:ohmy:

But, being the trooper that I am, I pushed on through my discomfort and made the best of it.:laugh: :laugh:

If I am going to be hot, might as well be hot at WDW!

A few of the highlights include:

:heart: A special surprise waiting for us in our room! :heart:
:happy: Being made “Honourary Canadians” at Le Cellier.:happy:
:cool: Riding in the front of the monorail on my birthday.(3 X!!):cool:
:pirate: Pirate and Princess Parties:pirate:
:cheshire: Meeting the Girl Trippers, on pure coincidence!! :cheshire:

I will share lowlights at the end, there weren’t that many, but some observations that must be made!! :ph34r:

I have a good bit of pictures that I need to resize, which always causes me grief, so, if anybody has some suggestions or pointers for me, I’d appreciate it.
Oh, and one last thing, I rode EE!!! And I have the photo to prove it.:laugh:




Yeah, I need some cropped and up close proof that it was actually you being such a brave lady & riding EE with ease :biggrin: :tongue:

I can’t wait to see & read your trip report! We were overwhelmed by the extreme heat/humidity as well but did the best we could to stay in the a/c!

It was so wonderful meeting you, by COINCIDENCE, and I am so glad you recognized us! Hard to believe we were so close to each other without even planning it!! Too cool!!!


Yeah…what Dopey said…that picture is way too small!!! That could be anyone riding EE!


:cool: Brand new TR!! The highlights are hardly enough…can’t wait to hear it all!!


I know, I know. I am picture sizing challenged.:redface:

I didn’t say nothin’ about ease, if the picture were bigger, you would be able to see that I was SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF!!
:laugh: :laugh:

Thanks for your support.:pinch:


You’ll hear all I remember. :wink:


Hey, what are friends for?:wink:


Welcome back, can’t wait to hear more.


Hey, Peppertink, I love your new avatar, just sayin’ :cool:


Thank you:happy: Me too!:blush:


Back off babes. Give the lady some room.

That photo was just fine Lmsy.

SO, did you get me a present?


Welcome back LMS!!! Can’t wait to read more. I know what you mean about the heat. I hate being sticky and soppy!!!


Nice avatar Tink - Go Eagles!


:glare: :glare: :glare: hey, hey, hey…pipe down mister.


Thanks, Hubby’s looking forward to a good year. Fingers crossed!! Fly Eagles Fly…

Sorry LMS, back to your TR.


Cool the TR has started… waiting…


Suck up.:glare:


Oh daisee, quick post again, you’re scarin me.


welcome home cant wait for the trip report .