Pixar quiz




i only got one wrong!! ahh!! i should’ve gotten all 10 right but i got one wrong. how did everyone else do?


That was fun, thanks for sharing! I got 9/10. I missed #9, I had no idea who voiced the toy soldier in Toy Story!


I missed 2 :sad: .


I got 9 out of 10 ! not bad. I put Nemo instead of the incredibles for the most money on openig weekend=(


I think I’m doing something wrong.

My quiz shows no questions, no answers, except for choice A or choice B.

All I’ve gotten for the first ten questions was SORRY, WRONG ANSWER.

Now, just for the record, Even without the question appearing, or the answers, I missed each and every question. This was a statistical nightmare.

Nowe, starting with 11 and 12, I don’t even get the right answer included.

My link must be bad… :angry:


It must be all that island breeze your experiencing… :wink:



I’m not a big pixar person.
I like the old disney stuff more.


Actually, I think it’s cause this quiz is on an aol site.

My island ain’t got aol, it only has island tropical breezes… :wub:

I was told by Kem that since my Dell doesn’t have aol programs installed, it’s an incompatability issue.


:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :huh:
I only got two right!!!
:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :huh:


Thats was fun!

I got two wrong.


That was fun. But i missed 3.


Quiz Name: How much do u know Finding Nemo.

  1. What color is Nemo.
    A. Orange, White And Black.
    B. Gold.
    C. Blue.
  2. What color is Dory.
    A. Gold.
    B. Orange.
    C. Blue, Yellow and Black.
  3. What color is Deb.
    A. Gold, Blue and Emerald.
    B. Purple, White and Black.
    C. Green, Emerald and Gold.