Pixar Short Films - first time on television


ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas
Wednesday, December 2 @ 7/6c

ABC Family: Pixar Short Films

For the first time on television, Walt Disney Pictures presents “Pixar Short Films.” The two-hour event features 20 animated Pixar shorts, some starring familiar characters like Wall-E, Jack-Jack Incredible, Mater, and Lightning McQueen. Others introduce soon-to-be great friends like a quick-thinking unicycle and a snow man who dreams of sunnier climes.

These critically acclaimed shorts include the Academy Award-winning (Best Animated Short Film) “Geri’s Game,” “For the Birds,” and “Tin Toy.” Also on the program are the Oscar-nominated (Best Animated Short Film) “Luxo Jr.,” “Mike’s New Car,” “One Man Band,” “Lifted,” and “Presto.”


Oh that sounds wonderful. I will have to record those. Thanks!


I bought the DVD last year…it’s wonderful!


I haven’t seen all of them - I’m really excited! So far “Presto” is my favorite… we’ll see if that holds after tomorrow night. :happy:


I missed it? Aww


I enjoyed watching that. I have never heard of some of those.


I have great news for all you Disney/Pixar fans. ABC Family is back with the annual 25 Days of Christmas event. Best part? This year, many classic Disney•Pixar films are included in the line-up! Movies like Wall-E, Toy Story 1 and 2, and Finding Nemo will be shown on top of the awesome Christmas classics and ABC Family original movies! I actually work for ABC Family and am excited to hear what you all think! You can catch 25 Days of Christmas starting on December 1 and lasting ‘til, of course, the big day itself. The holiday season is finally here…who’s excited?!


My dvr is set all of December for ABCFamily. I look forward to their lineup every year. 25 days of Christmas thats my kind of Christmas spirit=) Of course Hallmark gets a close second. I havent seen all of the Pixar shorts yet so my family will enjoy them this year.:wub:



We have this DVD and it is wonderful! With Xmas coming you should have this on your list.


Thanks for watching, Christina! I’m sure you’ll love the Pixar shorts (I sure do!). You may also want to check out Harry Potter weekend starting this Saturday! Are there any other movies on the schedule you guys are excited to see?


Polar Express and the Santa CLause triology are holiday favs. we will be especially looking forward too.

Christina :pirate:


Jim Carey in the Grinch!


I hope you guys have had a great time watching 25 Days of Christmas so far! Don’t forget that the Santa Clause airs this Friday at 8/7c followed by The Santa Clause 2! If any of you like Rankin-Bass, you’ll definitely want to tune-in Thursday starting at 6/5c for a night full of stop-motion classic movies. Do you have a favorite holiday Rankin-Bass film?