Pixie Dust Delivery


I just love getting a package from the Disney Store. I just received my latest purchase and boy did it perk up my mood.

I bought some Christmas t-shirts and Santa hats for the girls for our November trip. A Christmas door hanger and for me an ipad sleeve and the small Dooney & Bourke cross-body purse for the trip. The purse is BEYOND cute!:wub: I had put off buying it for a long time, but decided to bite when it went on sale and I got and extra 25% off.

I am a happy girl:happy:


Picture of the purse please!


Here it is, but it is better in person.


That IS cute.


Awwww that purse is sooo cute! Love it.


Love the bag :heart:


LOVE the bag!


Luuuurve Dooney and Bourke bags! They’re so cute! I can’t wait to pick another up this next trip!