Pixie Dust needed, for a January trip to work out!


DH and I decided we want to go back get our fix in January. We are hopefully going to WDW for a short little trip, 4 days. Hopefully we will be staying at Wilderness Lodge but I have to call member services when I get home from work. The whole thing that spurred this was b/c I saw how CHEAP airfare is for non-stop ($198) and the points it would cost us in January is SOO LOW! This would also give me a great opportunity to see my best friend Michele, b/c if you remember in another thread, I was really bummed this will be the first time in 10 years we won’t be seeing each other during the holiday season (she lives in Florida).

Anyway, I need some pixie dust b/c DH said we should only go so long as we can find airfare for less than $200 each and if they have Wilderness Lodge available. So, let’s hope by 3:15pm today the price of airfare STAYS THE SAME and DVC has availability at Wilderness Lodge so I can book everything. :fingerscrossed:


Tons of pixie dust on the way for you Wish!!!


Prayers and pixie dust sent your way!!!


Tons of pixie dust sent your way because maybe we can meet up if you go in January!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!!


ugh, i just called. Wilderness Lodge is all booked for studios, Boardwalk only has one of the days, and Beach Club only has the SAturday :sad: I went ahead and booked SSR but DH REALLY REALLY only wanted to go if we could stay at Wilderness Lodge. I don’t get it, it’s January 20th-23rd. Why would it be SO busy? I am :sad:. I thought this was an extremely slow time. Are these dates during the WDW Marathon?

MAN!!! Not going good so far! We are on the waitlist though.


:frowning: sorry you didn’t get the room you wanted…

…but your going to DISNEY!!


Bummer. Lets home your dh can still get in the spirit of it even if WL does not come through.


It does seem that much any time you plan on going now a days,it is all sold out. Hey,do you think other people are catching on to our Disney fever.That would explain everything.