OK, Anyone know of good pizza at WDW??? pics??:blush:


That is a good question… I haven’t found pizza at WDW that was that great.


we ordered some from an offsite - but for the life of me I can’t remember the name. I think there is a pizza thread (way old though) that I got the info from last fall. maybe. I’ll go look!

Ugh - i hate when i can’t remember names!


ok - not the one i remembered, but I found the name of the pizza place!!

Giordannos!! we got pizza and pasta from there - it was tasty! They delivered, but we weren’t onsite. Maybe you can call them before you leave and ask if they deliver onsite?

also, check out citysearch for the area, then pick pizza. I’d just try calling before you go or when you get there to see who delivers to the area.


We had Pizza on the Boardwalk that was ok…Just wanted to c if there was somemore?


We had pizza at the CBR and it was the worst!


everyone knows that Florida has lousy pizza in general (or so my dh says- he used to live there) I was told it is the water- it affects the dough


This is one spot where WDW could use some improvement. We’ve never found a really good pizza on-site. The Spoodles Pizza Window on the Boardwalk was maybe a half a notch better than the rest, but not great either. I’ve always wondered why they wouldn’t put a pizza stand in Italy in Epcot - I would think it would be a huge hit.


We got a pizza at the Pepper Market food court at CSR and it wasn’t that bad.


There is good pizza in Florida, but you’ve got to look hard and you can’t get it from Papa Domino’s Pizza Hut or from any shop that has a chain fed conveyor belt oven device and not a true pizza oven. Since moving from Kendall to Coral Springs, I’ve gained a couple better pizzas here, but after two years, have yet to find a Chinese restaurant that was equal to what I left behind.
I can’t help you with the Orlando area and I’d totally avoid WDW’s pizza.
I’ve heard the story about our water being a problem for both NY pizza and bagels. You just have to give up and accept the best of what’s available, which is still pretty good, once you find it.


We have yet to find any. It was a shame that PP couldn’t do a better job.


We had pizza on the boardwalk and thought it was good and the pizza from room service at POR was good too


We get pizza from Trails End in FW. It is pretty good and makes a good last night meal when we are packing up the campsite.


I haven’t found one that I liked either. I was not impressed with the Pizza at MGM.


Ugh, yes . . . I miss my NY pizza . . . we found one place in Palm Beach County that makes it like NY . . . other then that Florida pizza is to doughie, with watery sauce and thick cheese . . . not what I call pizza!

My kids get and eat the pizza a WDW, they don’t mind it!


Glad to hear you liked this place! We’re going there in Augut! It’s across the street from my timeshare, where we are staying the first 5 nights, and I got a $25 gift certificate for $5! Can’t go wrong! :happy:


The pizza from room service at Pop Century was the WORST pizza I’ve ever tasted IN MY LIFE. Since then we’ve steered clear of all WDW pizza (except for the flatbreads at Spoodles & CG – those are great!)


Pizza from the All-Star Movies is really good, but I would really stray from the Pizza delivery at the Music…yuck


I agree! POP was unediable.Not even up to frozen pizza standard. No pizza for us ever again in the World!:crying:


ooh, that is a good deal!! I thought it was pretty good (of course, don’t you always look back with rose colored glasses?:wub: ) - so I hope you enjoy it too!