PJ & Baloo's TR! - 3/11&12/06


This is a few weeks after the fact, but we had a GREAT time and we wanted to share it with you all anyway. :slight_smile: We both wanted to write a TR, so rather than filling up DC with two separate long-winded TRs, we attempted to write one VERY long-winded TR together. (I apologize for the length… that’s pretty much entirely my fault.) My comments are in purple, Baloo’s are in green. Hope you like it!! And that it doesn’t get too confusing with two narrators. :wacko:

Cast: PJ & Baloo!
(aka: Jill & Brian)

Day 1 - Saturday

We woke up ridiculously early. After calling Disney for directions (I don’t recommend this - Disney didn’t seem to know where they were located), we were off!! Thankfully, Brian reminded me to get gas this time. Last time we got halfway there and I realized that my little gas light was on, and had been for quite a while. Jill was freaking out and was actually as pale as I was then. I had no bloody idea what to say or do. …so I just looked out the window. Always a good choice of action. We somehow made it to a gas station - crisis averted - but that’s another trip, why am I talking about that?? Moving on, moving on…

This time we were well prepared so we drove all the way there without a major catastrophe. Our plan was to sing Disney songs all the way but we were waaaaaaaay too tired, so we let the cds do all the work. We got to POR and we were all excited because we still had plenty of time to get to AK and get on the safari before it got too late. But of course, with Brian’s wonderful Irish luck, we got the girl who was “earning her ears”, who Brian affectionately titled “The Rookie.” There was this heavily freckled CM (affectionately titled “Freckles”) who registered like three families while we still waited with “The Rookie”. It was painful… Fiiiiinally, we got our keys and a number to call to find out if our room was ready later… so YAY OFF TO AK!! :biggrin:


It’s about time!!! I’ve been waiting for this like, FOREVER.

ROFL at Disney not knowing where they are!!! :laugh:


Before we knew it, we could see the peak of Everest looming over the now miniscule Tree of Life. We ran to the front gate and hopped from line to line trying to get in fastest. Unfortunately, my luck kicked in again and everybody and their sister was there…I mean big honking sized families all wearing their matching shirts. (psssst… I believe they call those “Magical Gatherings”) We sprinted to Africa and saw the wait for the safari was 20 minutes. But after a short debate we decided that it couldn’t possibly be that long… so we went in. And we walked right on the safari! RIGHT on. We rock.

We had a jungle cruise reject, who stole some of the classic ride’s jokes. Anyways, we saw all the nice animals here and there, and had to stop completely because two silly giraffes decided to munch on a tree. We got real up close and personal. We were stuck behind them for a while, so our driver called the behind the scenes folks that watch where all the trucks are, and a few seconds later a truck comes driving up with tree branches in the back of it. The giraffes just mosey off the path and start eating out of the truck instead. Pretty clever of those AK people… Pressing on, I saw my cheetahs…my favorite animal in the whole wide world! Oh yes, and we stopped the POACHERS…WOOT!! It was real close in the end…but we saved Big Red and Little Red…again.

Pangani Trail was right outside the exit so we went there next. One word…MEERKATS!!! We’re both rather obsessed with them. They’re just so… awesome. AK trivia: did you know that the CM’s fill in their holes every once in a while and make them redig them for “enrichment”?? Oh yes. It’s true. Did you also know that they randomly throw articles of clothing into the Gorilla area…dont ask why, but Gorillas just want to look stylish too…especially when hundreds upon thousands of people stare at you all day.

Here’s a picture I took on another trip of some meerkats, just so you can see the awesomeness.


Then it was off to Dinosaur. We passed Baloo (the real Baloo!) on the way, so of course, we had to stop. I really just wanted to see Baloo, but King Louie was there too. I thanked Baloo after the picture and shook his hand. As I was walking away, I noticed that I had left King Louie “hanging” so just to make him happy I shook his hand too. It was rather sad. I was the oldest one in line. We passed Devine too, but she pushed herself up against a wall. When she did that, we were all like…oooook. Yeah… she didn’t seem too social at the moment, so we just admired and pressed on. We got to Dinosaur and grabbed some fastpasses. Or at least tried to grab fastpasses for it. It was scary, at first my ticket wouldn’t give me a fastpass. We figured it out…at last with the help of a nice CM lady. We had some time to burn so we went to look at EE. Oh. My. Gosh. It’s huge. And scary. And we’re big chickens and we didn’t go on it. But we took lots of pictures anyway, because we’re dorks like that. We wandered around Asia for a while… did the Maharaja Trail… Jill laughed at me because I tried to say an animal fact about the Kimodo Dragons, but fell short of one…totally drew a blank and stood there for 5 minutes making a hand motion of a mouth closing… I finally suggested the word he was looking for was “bite”. This whole scene struck us both as absolutely hilarious. It was a running joke the rest of the trip… and actually still is. Then we went back through the EE part and got offered 2 fastpasses for it by a couple who were leaving. But… we’re big chickens… soooo we didn’t take them. Now if they were Jungle Cruise fastpasses…I was the right guy!

Here’s Baloo and Baloo… omg which one’s which???


Us, looking all cool (silly? you decide…) in front of EE. Please don’t judge me for my messy hair.

Oh, and for the record, we totally did NOT time that picture!! I heard the screams as I clicked the button, and I was like “How cool would it be if…”


Kinda makes it difficult when we are both smiling and wearing blue…huh?


This has got to be the most fun TR ever! I love reading both of your thoughts, can’t wait for the rest! :happy:

And, the two of you are so cute together!


Omg, I was gonna go to bed, and then I saw this - I :heart: PJ and Baloo!

Y’all are SO CUTE! OMG! I love this report!!!


Time for Dinosaur… yay!! We saved the dino, or got saved, or whatever happens on that ride. I like it because it talks to me…hehe…like Test Track. Do you all know what I mean? The narrator thing…talking directly to you! We came off and looked at our stupid faces in the picture. Then we headed off to Conservation Station!! woohoo! We went in the little rooms and listened to Grandmother Willow talking about saving the rainforest… and both jumped out of our seats when one of the animals screamed in our ears. We both laughed because Grandmother Willow suggested that the world would be saved by a monkey…who eventually was attacked by a jaguar. After that we walked around the windows for a while, and listened to a CM talk about porcupines and hedgehogs for a few seconds… More AK trivia: did you know that porcupines can’t shoot out their quills? (this TR is entertaining AND educational!!)

Then it was off to Pizzafari for lunch, where we had some pretty dough-y pizzas. We decided against Kali, since walking around in wet jeans didn’t really appeal to either of us. I called POR - our room is ready!! So we headed back and found out that we were in the Magnolia Bend section!! I have been DYING to stay there!!! Acadian House, first floor, a short walk from the bus stop. Perfect. :slight_smile:

We threw all our stuff down, admired the fancy theming for a bit (ok… I might have been the only one of us that did that.)…“Hey Jill, check out the many tv channels!”… and then ran to catch a bus to MK. We headed to Tom Sawyer’s Island first before it got dark. I was on a mission to find this big rock that doubles as a teeter-totter that I remembered from when I was younger. Brian even found me a map online of the island, so we were all prepared to track it down. We get off the raft, wander up the pathways to where it is…… and find that it’s gone!! :crying: I’m rather depressed, to say the least.

A picture of our glorious Magnolia Bend building!!!


But we’re in DISNEY so that feeling doesn’t last very long. We run over to the fort, shoot some fake rounds off in the general direction of the Thunder Mountain passengers (Jill didn’t cut her finger on the triggers this time :slight_smile: … hehe last time I gripped the trigger in apparently the weirdest way ever and ended up cutting myself… Brian still makes fun of me), and leave via the escape tunnel. Back across the river and across the park to Tomorrowland, where we take a ride on the TTA/Wedway People Mover (making sure my bases are covered!). It was SOOOO nice. I always like that ride, but it was kind of hot out and we were already getting tired, so just to be able to get off our feet with a nice breeze for a while…… so nice.

We decided to head back to the hotel to make sure we had enough time to get to church. We got back with plenty of time to spare (yay for efficient Disney transportation!), so we just chilled in the room for a bit. After a short but wonderfully refreshing nap (I strongly recommend it to anyone who has a long day at Disney and has time), we headed off to church. Got back with plenty of time to play in MK that night!! woohoo! So we headed on over.

First stop: (brace yourself for this HUGE surprise)… JUNGLE CRUISE. Yep, yep. That is right. Four rivers, Ten minutes, Disney Magic!! We even got to do it at night which is the best…and walked right on! Our skipper was good…especially after he got the inspiration falls joke right (that is my test for all skippers)…he even shared a joke or two that was new to me…yes, I know, shocking! Anyways, I had the time of my life and was on cloud nine…my favorite ride with my favorite person in the world! Jill even had a good time with it I think. I did!! Your obsession may finally be rubbing off a bit…

DC’s Jungle Cruise Skipper, in his element.


nice report and pic’s, ty for sharing this :slight_smile:


Next we hit the tiki birds, at my request, and passed Ginger at the entrance! I was so amazed to bump into Ginger, a fellow DISNEYCENTRAL person!! I loved the original tiki birds, but for some reason, I really like the new management too. Btw…the singing birds of paradises in tiki rock! Then it was off to the Haunted Mansion - the BEST at night!! It even scares me a little. We looked for the hidden mickey on the table in the ballroom and found it. I hear the CMs change the position of it sometimes, but it always seems to be in the same place when I go. (for the record, it was on the very left… sound familiar to anyone?) Walking out…I heard lightning and looked up at the top of the building…I tried to explain to Jill that every once and a while at nite…you can see flashes of “lightning” to add that extra effect…anyone else heard of or have seen this?

We headed to Fantasyland, hoping to get to do Peter Pan, but the lines were crazy. Even Small World was over 20 minutes, and I have ALWAYS walked right on that ride. So we passed right on through, deprived of pixie dust this trip. We split chicken fingers at Cosmic Ray’s, planning on getting ice cream with mickey ears from the ice cream place on Main Street later. After that we staked out a spot on Main Street to watch Wishes, which was just as amazing as ever. I must say, it is one of the most romantic things a couple at Disney can do! We stepped off to the side after Wishes to let the stampede towards the exit pass by, giving us some time to take our traditional castle picture. A very nice older couple volunteered to take one for us too so we didn’t have to do the hold-the-camera-out-in-one-hand-and-hope-you-get-the-castle-in-the-background-without-cutting-off-any-heads routine.

Here is their lovely photography. For some reason my camera doesn’t take very good night pictures, so you can just barely see the castle…


AWWWW!!! I love you two together!!!

I have to stop reading this, or else I won’t have anything to do at work tomorrow. :dry:


We were sadly still too full from dinner for ice cream. So we joined the crowd making their way out… but we stopped at that circle in front of the train station and sat at “our spot” for a while. :slight_smile: I noticed some CMs giving high fives with those big mickey hands to people walking by them, so I just had to go over and make friends. One of the CM’s had trouble getting his hand back in the umm…hand and so I helped him while balancing the camera…hehe. Nice pic! Then it was out and off to bed. End of Day 1!

And here is Baloo’s photography.


Day 2 - Sunday

We didn’t have as much time as we planned for today, since my parents called and decided they didn’t want me driving home any later than 3:00 so I wouldn’t be driving in the dark. Party poopers……. So we got up early and got to Epcot as soon as we could to make up for it. We were BEYOND efficient today… we got to do so much stuff in not a lot of time. I was rather proud of us. :slight_smile: Disney Freaks…what can we say?

We started by running (and when I say running, I mean speedwalking like never before, passing people like they were standing still - Baloo was pulling me up the hills so we didn’t lose ground) towards Soarin and got a decent fastpass time. That was one of my favorite moments…just how we were passing so many people…although it was quite a distance and for a moment, I was out of breath. Then we ran (same definition of “run”) over to Test Track and jumped in the line that was already forming outside. After a few minutes of not moving we noticed the cars weren’t going around the track. And then the wait time jumped from 10 minutes to 45. But we had time before our Soarin fastpasses, so we stuck it out. A mother and daughter behind us asked me to take their picture, and then I listened (nosy PJ) as they debated about, once the cars started going around again, whether they could handle Test Track or not. The daughter suggested they go on MISSION SPACE instead. I found the urge to turn around and scream “NOO!!! TEST TRACK!! Trust me, for the sake of keeping your breakfast in you, you want to stay with Test Track!!” But they decided this on their own. I thought it would have been funny if they found out the hard way…lol Good thing they asked Jill…I would have been like “sure go on Mission Space…it is like the sister ride of Small World…you will love it…and once again, it is all politically correct. Barf bags? What? Nonsense…” Just kidding.

The line starts moving. we get up to the door, and Brian says, “ok… we have to look for this hidden mickey pez dispenser. I look for it EVERY TIME I’m here and I have never found it!! It’s on one of those tool chests, that’s all I know.” So we decide to make that our mission through the 45 minute line. I step in the door, look at the first tool chest I see… and I see a mickey head. Brian is about to kill me for making it look so easy. It was frustrating…countless visits of searching…and bam, my girlfriend gets it on the first glance! I mean, I collect the darn things and know exactly what they look like…but NOOOO…Jill finds it…hehe…it is cool, I was more excited to take a pic of it. I was about to give up on the rumor…

Brian and his elusive mickey pez dispenser! Can you find it???


The mother and daughter behind us kept periodically asking me questions throughout our trip through the line about how fast the cars are and how bad the turn feels and etc etc. I reassured them by sharing the fact that I was the biggest chicken on the face of the planet, and that I love Test Track. How many times is that now folks that we have said the word chicken in this TR? They looked much more relieved after that. The people in front of us asked me a question or two too, and then Brian started getting mad, because he didn’t understand why they were all asking ME, when he’s just as Disney brilliant as I am. Easy…because she is a Disney Princess and I am one of the 7 dwarfs…hehe. We moved on in to the preshow room and I listened for one of my favorite Disney sounds - the collective gasp as all the Test Track newbies see the girl pick the crash test for them!! Hilarious!! All of this, by the way, happened in MUCH less than 45 minutes. Might I add, I caught the loop in the video for the next room of people to see when we were walking out! I told him I could never figure out when the preshow movie loop ended and started over, but he managed to find it, with like zero effort. Revenge for the mickey pez dispenser, perhaps…?

So Test Track ROCKED, as always, and I finally found out when they take your picture. It’s NOT when the big fake truck is about to hit you, which is for some reason what I always thought. It’s right before you go through the wall to go outside. I discovered this because I made a stupid face at the truck part and threw myself on Brian in mock terror, all in the efforts or making a silly picture, but none of that was on the picture outside. Besides the stupid face. That always seems to happen. I looked spiffy with my hands up! Hoot!


After that it was time for SOARIN!! We went on through the line and into the second row. I wanted to wait for the first but I forgot to tell Brian, so second row it is! Patrick cracked me up, as always. “Oh yeah…have a nice flight!” hehehe… We soared, then headed over to get a fastpass for Living With The Land. I’ve always loved that ride - I kind of like hearing all the plant facts. Yes, I am a nerd, and I am not ashamed!! Tell them the truth Jill, we like admiring the lovely tone in the CM narration. “ONLY THEN……can we truly be… LIVING… with the Land!”

World Showcase was open now, so we headed over to Norway to visit our pals the trolls and the absurdly disproportionate polar bears. Seriously folks, if we were the size of puffins those bears would still be too big! They look ridiculously skinny to me. Do they really look like that when they stand up? Or did Disney get a little skimpy on the chubbiness? We get off the boat, and I go to put my beloved drawstring backpack on, which has enjoyed many Disney trips with me… and one of the strings pulls out of it!! :crying: Karma for us skipping the Norway movie…? The curse of the trolls…uggi boogey boogey! I managed to fix it by tying a big knot in the string, but now it hangs a little crooked. So I’m in the market for a new one. :frowning: I still think it was my bevy of odds and ends that got too heavy and broke the bag :frowning:

Us, in the line for our chance to go back, back, over the falls…


On to Mexico! We sail the River of Time la la la la la la, la la la la la la EVERYBODY! and then head back to The Land to use our fastpasses. Can’t remember when it was…but at some point outside of the Land, we both starting singing “Listen to the Land”…it was great…got a few stares too. Old School Disney Songs Rule! We get a good guide who seems just as excited about plants as I get when I’m on the ride. She stood really funny and had her arm behind her back which made it look like she was a one armed Land lady…hehe…and at one point, she turned to talk about bananas but figured we all already knew about them…or she forgot a part in the script…so she just pointed at them and changed subjects. Time for a little LWTL trivia: did you know that their tomato tree holds the world record for the number of tomatoes it’s grown??

Next it’s off to lunch. Thank goodness, I’m starving. We decided to try the fish & chips at the CS place outside Rose & Crown. OMG!!! Just as good as inside R&C, just a little smaller. The line was nothing…but the moment we grabbed our food…there was a flood of hungry tourists all pondering the immortal question…“Fries=Chips?” We decide to head to MGM so we have time to do some stuff there. No American Adventure this trip. :crying: We both love that one. But we practically know it by heart. We are very patriotic…but love making fun of the not so fluid motions of the animatronics…such as when Ben and Mark “shake” hands or Mr. Rogers flip his hat up when he really just smacks himself in the head! So skipping it once wouldn’t hurt, I guess. We start to head out, but Brian spots St. Patrick’s Day mickey ears, so he buys them. I have a lovely little chat with the girl working there as the guy gives him his ears. He said cheers twice and it made me smile! We spend the rest of the walk out of Epcot debating whether they were from England or Ireland and which part of either based on their accents. On the way to the buses, I (completely kidding!) dare Brian to jump one of those big white pole things they have standing in the middle of the walkway. AND HE DOES!!! This is the highlight of my trip. It was beyond awesome. And the best part was he didn’t even know if he could do it - he just did it. :laugh: Seriously, was not thinking about it…just did it…I felt like Gene Kelly for a moment…

Brian and his fabulous St Patrick’s Day mickey ears… Brian could stick in some wonderful Irish banter here, but I’m afraid I’m terrible at it, so I’ll spare you all my weak attempt.


That was awesome guys. Are y’all always that funny together? I mean, when y’all are discussing breakfast cereal, is it like a comedy skit too? :laugh:

I can’t wait for more TR…and MORE PICS!!!


Funny pointless story: when we got on the bus to MGM, the driver announced at least three times that she was going to shut off the bus for a minute to reset the title across the front, nothing was wrong with the bus, she just had to shut it off to get it reset. THREE TIMES she says all this. And of course, when the bus shuts off, half the people on it look up in shock like “OMG WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE BUS???” I just love moments like that. It was like a deleted scene from the movie Speed…the reaction to it that is…minus Keanu Reeves…thank God! hehe