Pkg. rates for jan. 2007?


i am new to disney central. i have been lerking for a couple of days, but there is such a huge amount of disney “know-how” here…i had to register!!

my hubby and i are taking our daughter to disney world in jan. 2007. she will be 3 1/2 by then. we are going to stay at ASM resort (3nights) and want to buy tickets to MK(2days). but i cannot find pkg. rates for that far out!! does anyone know when pkg. rates for jan.2007 will be available?

we want to take advantage of every discount that we can. we ARE floirda residents, but do we still get that discount with only a 3 night stay? aslo do you get a better price ther earlier you book?

thanks for any help!


You can call WDW now to book for 2007 and the online booking should be up in a month or so.


thanks! do you know whether a better deal is to be had the earlier you book, or no? also, about the floirda resident discount with only staying 3 days? i guess i could ask when i call WDW…thanks again.


If they change the rates for 2007 after you book then I believe you will still get the 2006 rate. But you do not get an “Early bird” kind of discount.

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Welcome to DC! Sorry I don’t have anything else to add. Ready2Go did a fine job answering your questions.


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You can get a price quote from mouseketrips. If a better deal comes out later you can always apply that discount.


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Usually, if you book early, you just keep an eye out for specials that come up during your time frame and they will apply them to you. I usually go through AAA myself, so they keep up with any discounts. Of course, if you hang out here, you will get the news faster than anyone!!

When are you planning on going in January? I usually go every year in Jan.


Just wanted to say Welcome! You’ll have lots of answers to questions here!


we are going to within the 1st 2 weeks of jan. looks like that is a good time to avoid the crowds. it will be a good time to enjoy cooler weather and relx after the holidays!! i am sooooo excited!!(i have a whole year to be excited and look forward to ti!!) LOL


Welcome to DC! I wish the web site was working for 2007. I need to start planning a work trip for Feb 2007. :mickey:


Welcome to DC.


Welcome to DC.

For our last trip in January 2005, I was trying to book a room-only reservation in 2004 before the 2005 rates were out. Central Reservations told me that while I could book the trip, I could not lock in rates for the next year.

So, while you can probably secure a 2007 vacation, you may not be able to lock in current prices.

One alternative–and a good one–is go in early December '06. You will get the current rates, AND WDW at Christmas is georgeous, with very small crowds.


thanks cavey for the suggestion of going in dec. , but my here in p’cola it is still really warm in dec. and my hubby is in landscaping so he is still really busy that time of year. :frowning:

jan. is when it starts to cool off more than not and things begin to wind down, and he is able to take time off. i wish we could go sooner, but at least when we go in jan. we won’t be sweating to death!!LOL

i asked at and they responded talling exactly wheat you said…yes, i can book a room only as early as 500 days out, but no pkg. and no garuntee on deals. but they did say that the rates for 2007 will be available by mid-summer…so i am guessing that is like in june?!! hope so…ready to book now!:slight_smile:


They tend to raise rates for January. So don’t be suprised.

One of my caving buddies owns his own landscape business. We do very little caving together until December, and then the two of us go nuts through early March. We’ve already done 2 trips together since December 3, and we’ve got two more trips cooked up–one before I leave for WDW and one when we get back.


Just wanted to say welcome…and we are always here to help you plan your trip!!! :wub:


Welcome. I went the second week of January in 2004 and had a great time. NO CROWDS! I booked a year out and just kept applying every discount that I could throughout the year.


so i am thinking i should book a room only and just purchase tickets seperately. we only want ticketes to one pk. (MK) for 2 days. the FL res. discount might help a bit?? but not exspecting get a break on pkg. tickets since i only want them for 2 days to the same pk.

~question… tickets can be purchase on the site, but is that the best place??
where should i purchase tickets? want to have them BEFORE we get there…does mousetrips do all that or just resort reservations??