Places to stay in Northern Fla?


Hello all.

We’re driving down with our 2y.o.-going-on-3 twin daughters from Philadelphia in September. The plan now is to leave after rush hour on a Thursday, drive all night and hit northern Florida by Friday a.m.

We’re planning on staying around Jacksonville for the day Friday to give the girls a break, then leaving for the World on Saturday morning.

We’d need a room that’s large enough for two cribs, or a suite.

Since we’re spending the day, we can afford to travel abit off of 95, but we’d like to keep the price in the low-$100s for the night if possible. Obviously we’ll check rates on AAA, Orbitz,, Expedia, etc., but I’m never sure how much I can trust those sites for their overall assessments of the hotels.

Any suggestions for hotels that are partcularly good?