Plan for the EMH park or not?


When you’re planning, do you schedule to go to the EMH parks all day, or do you avoid them like the plague?


We try to hit EMH first thing in the morning and get as much in as we can. After lunch we go back to our resort for a swim and rest then go to another park for the rest of the day. We usually get so much done during EMH that it’s worth it to us, however, that park is usually more crowded than the others so we avoid it if we can’t get there at opening.


On EMH days, we can do the entire MK in 2-3 hours. Then we get the heck outta dodge. But be careful - sometimes there are EMH for 2 parks in 1 day, one at night and one in the morning. For example, if MK is morning EMH, don’t skip over to MGM later if they have EMH for that night. Pick one that doesn’t have any EMH at night to hop to.


No way I’d stay there all day with mobs. We like to get the most out of our time and then beat it.


We don’t usually factor EMH into our planning. We go where we want on any given day. We have the base ticket this time out, so park hopping is not an option (but we almost never park hop anyway.) We are planning to go to AK on the Tues. we’re there because we have never seen that park at night, so we will take advantage of EMH evening hours that day. Other than that, it’s not an issue


We usually hit the EMH…and stay until around lunch…and the get the heck out of dodge! Usually we hop to the park that had the EMH the day previous! :flowers:
EMH days are just crrrraaaaazzzyyy…last trip we some how got to "africa’ in the AK before anyone else…it was sooo peaceful and almost emoyt except for 3 or 4 familied…we grabbed our fastpasses for Kilamnajario Safari and turned around…and we were MOBBED by people…people were headed towards us in heards…ohh it was scary!


Haha!! EJ–I didnt even read your post before I posted above…and we said the exact same phrase!! haha how weird! :huh:


In past trips, I never knew which park was the EMH park of the day! I refuse to get up that early on my vacation, so I went where I wanted when I wanted. However, now that some parks have EMH at night, I will probably be at the EMH park at night. (unless it’s one that stays open until 3am…I don’t think I could last that long!)


LOL great minds think alike!:flowers:


Looks like I’m with the majority on this one…we usually hit the EMH and then hop to a different park around noon/1. :happy: It works out GREAT!


I love taking advantage of the EMH morning, but only at the MK.

For some reason I never felt the need to run to any other park early before the crowds. May try another park this year though.


We always do the EMH and then head to another park when it gets crowded.


We have every plan of ding the EMH in the morning this next trip but it depends on how much of a late night we have had the night before!


Looks like I’m with the majority on this one…

We hit the EMH and then head back to the hotel around lunch to eat/swim/rest…occasionally we’ll head back to the same park, but usually we pick a different one for the evening. We try not to spend the hours of 12-3 in any park, unless we’ve got a PS or something, just due to the heat and crowds.

(It’s getting soooo close now… :mickey:)