Plan how long for both parks?


We have been to WDW a couple of times, 7 days and 10 days.
Starting to plan a DL trip for this summer.

How long should someone plan for both parks?

Also have I missed on the site when the Nightastic event dates are this summer?



For first time Disneylanders, I usually suggest 3-4 Days, I prefer and highly suggest 4 so things aren’t rushed and you can see and do everything, 3 is okay, 2 is not enough. The Summer Nightastic events usually starts the first week of June, it varies depending on the dates of the first weekend of June, those dates should be released sometime in the next few weeks. You can call the live DLR CM Guest Relations line at (714) 781.7290, they can help you with any questions or direct your call to the right department.


Thanks for the info!!!


Always a pleasure to help!