Planet Hollywood Meal Voucher?


I happened to notice that there is a Planet Hollywood meal voucher on my WDW package? What is this…is it a full meal?


In past packages, it was a free lunch. You had to go between certain times in the day, but free is me…lol You can usually get a percentage off merchandise too.


Thanks, I did notice there was a merchandise voucher as well.


Let me know how it works for you. I have one for my trip in November.



Sounds like this is an improvement over the old voucher system, as everyone in your party gets one.


I went to Planet hollywood in Janurary 05 with DBF for lunch while the kids were at DQ. We very much enjoyed both the meal and the service. It’s not gormet or anything, but a darn good burger in my opinion. Go there on a off day and spend the day hanging in the shops. They have the neatest specialty shops near there. Me and DBf were entertained for hours.


I think it’s a buy one get one free type of deal on a limited menu…


Really, I’ll check my reservation papers again. It looked like only one meal.


We were thinking about eating there on Fri. Sept. 8, right after La Nouba but all their ADR’s were taken. I understand they only take a limited number of ADR’s and cater somewhat to walkups. I’ve read some reviews on the place and they are all good.

We may try BEFORE La Nouba. They might be less crowded.


I think Erin is right…I’m pretty sure it’s a BOGO offer, atleast on my reservation it is!


Not very attractive when I’m already on the free dining plan.


Hey what happened to the good old days when we got a FREE character breakfast with a WDW package?


Wow, I didn’t know they used to offer that- sounds nice. :happy:


Wow! That pre-dates me. I didn’t know they ever offered that.


There’s something out there that predates you? :huh:

Are you sure? :confused:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :glare:


:ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:


Yeah, the packages came with an extra–I can’t remember what they called it–but you could choose among a round of minature golf, some kind of souvenier, a character breakfast, and maybe something else. Each person in the party got an extra. I think we did this at least two times and always chose the breakfast.


I got it too with my AAA package.
Iam hoping it was a dinner, Iam hitting DTD after a long day at AK so iam sure we will be hungry that nite and hey if it’s free, it’s for ME!! :biggrin: :happy: :laugh:
If it’s not included Iam going to EOS! :tongue:


Attention Ladies and Gents:
this is what is in my AAA brochure, I dont know how it relates to everyone else if your not booked thru AAA but here it goes:

“New! When you purchase any MYW pkg through AAA Vacations, enjoy a select entree and one non-alcoholic beverage at Planet Hollywood (one entree per reservation, voucher required). Plus, receive a Planet Hollywood keepsake (one keepsake per reservation, voucher required, must be redeemed between 11am - 6pm)”

SO… its one entree PER RESERVATION, not PER PERSON! :pirate: and the hours are between 11am and 6pm… BOOO!!! :pirate:
We have 2 reservations so we would get 2 free entrees and 2 drinks, and there are 3 of us… BUT we are going after 5 or 6pm!!! :glare: