Planet Hollywood question


Has anyone been to Planet Hollywood in DTD and what did you think of it.


I remember the fries were amazing. But it didn’t feel incredibly Disney-ish to me, sicne i had been to PHes in Chicago and NYC.


We go every trip. I do like it but the food is the same at every PH. IF you are looking for a change from WDW try it.


We went there one time, many years ago. The waiter rushed us through the whole meal, all he wanted to do was get us out of there and move on to the next people. We never went back.


We went a last year and we were not impressed. We went because we had a discount that was included in our package. The food was expensive and it wasn’t alot on the plate! (Especially for the price) The atmosphere was wild! It was very loud and busy! The decorations were great to look at though!


I have eaten there several times recently, mostly because they have priority seating for CM’s :happy: and everyones reviews are pretty dead on. Its very loud and busy, (which can be fun or miserable depending on your mood), and it doesnt feel very Disney to me either. There is a ton of cool stuff to look at and the bathroom (at least the ladies!) is pretty neat, esp for little girls. I have never had food that I disliked there, but quality level is similar to that of TGI Fridays or Bennigans.


The last time we went was in '04 when we received some “free voucher” after booking a package. There is a reason why they give "free vouchers there by the way. :laugh: I had been there a number of times before that trip also, but not since. To be honest, I think it’s terrible. First of all we’ve always had to wait at least 25-30 minutes after checking in, we were rushed through our meal, the atmpsohere to me is kinda loud and cheesy, and I’ve never had a meal there that was any better than a local Applebee’s. It’s all production food, nothing really interesting or tasty.

I guess if you are in the DtD area, in a pinch & without an ADR it would alright BUT I’d rather eat elsewhere, including counter service.

If you are looking for something different in the DtD area I’d totally rather HoB or the Pub by PI.


Ive never ben but never heard good things about it to be honest. The only PH we’ve been to was the one in DLP which was pretty nice from what I can remember but we were all half asleep!


Thank’s all, I have heard good and bad about it myself but as there are 4 of use and everyone had a choice of where they wanted to eat one night I guess we will be there as it’s my DD’s choice. I’m not a fan of loud places but as it’s only once I will make the best of it and hope for the best


I was there in '99 and I have to say that it was not horrible. Actually, in my journal I also noted how surprised I was by the good service. The food was the same as other PH’s but the memorabilia is really cool. I am a huge fan of Pulp Fiction and the “Chopper” is hanging from the ceiling.

Again, that was '99. But even if it is loud and the service is not the best at least you have a lot of cool stuff to look at.

Lisa :mickey:


We went quite a few times. I wasn’t bad they have food like nachos, burgers salads etc. They have a variety of American food I guess you can say.


We use to love the one in NYC, but it was a smaller scale and nicer. The sound does carry alot becuase of the shape, but there are alot of cool things to look at. Food so so IMO.


We have eaten there once and yuck!!!


With so many other places to eat, personally, I’d choose another restaurant.


If it was up to me I would have picked another but as I gave everyone a choice of where they wanted to eat I can’t back down. Besides I have heard some good things so we’ll go and hope for the best.
We will be going to others that I really like


Go and have fun - Heck it’s still PH, it’s not a Cracker Barrel. Take it in and have fun!:laugh:


We used to go when it first opened and it was great- but over the years we felt it went down alot- and although we enjoy the atmosphere and the decor its a place we dont mind if we miss going there.


I like the way you think and besides I will be at WDW :laugh:


We love it. But it’s a little pricey for a family of 4 at around 150.00 no alcohol.


One good thing it’s on the DDP and that’s how it will be paid for. I’m sure we’ll like it