Planet Hollywood Voucher?


Does anyone know what this is? Listed on my upcoming trip confirmation is an entry for 2 Planet Hollywood vouchers. There are 4 in our party and we are on the dining plan, so I’m not sure what this is. :confused:


When we went in March it was good for only 1 entree of a VERY select menu (I think there were only 3 or 4 things on the menu, maybe a hamburger, pasta pomodore (sp), and a chicken salad (I think).

There was also a coupon for a PH gift, which I think may have been a keychain, although we never used our vouchers.

I guess you are lucky getting 2, we only got 1. Not sure if they can be used at the same time, but it might be worth it if you are getting two and can use them both at the same time. To us, it really was not worth it.


I was wondering the same thing. I guess it does not seem worth it to us either.


I wonder why they would only give 1 or 2…I guess they are trying to get people to go there maybe. Does anyone know if the food is any good?

By the way, what is a good place to eat a quick bite at DTD?


Planet hollywood vouchers are often included in packages. I got them with a few of them. Use them for lunch one day and save one of your table service credits for a signature meal.


I have heard that Earl of Sandwich is good but have not been there myself. Capt’n Jacks was not so great in my opinion.


I like the food better there than at hard rock cafe but the truth is that if its not part of the regular dining menu and paid for by the dining plan its not really that impressive- and unless you are there in a quiet time (not likely) its not to easy to see all of the movie props up close and so I would say not worth a lame menu voucher


Earl of Sandwich at DTD for sure!


DITTO on the Earl O’ Sammich…It’s VERY good!

(BTW: Planet Hollywood is our favorite DTD eating establishment)


We plan on trying PHollywood on our last day of our vacation…but, there is no way on EARTh that it could beat the greatness of Earl.

Earl is faboo.


My travel agent just emailed me with an explantion:
Planet Hollywood Dining and Merchandise - Receive a voucher for Planet Hollywood that is redeemable for a complimentary entree (from a select menu, one per package) and one non-alcoholic beverage. Gratuity is not included. In addition, receive a commemorative Planet Hollywood keepsake when you visit the Planet Hollywood merchandise location at Downtown Disney West Side between 11 am and 6 pm (one per package, voucher is required).

It’s for one entrée and one merchandise.

I don’t think we will even waste our time planning to go there since we would have to buy meals for everyone else, with so much else to see and try.


I have one for our Aug. trip. We have free dining, so I don’t know If I’ll use it. Mabye for lunch if lines are real short. I hope to do earl of sandwich with the counter meals…


The voucher is a gimmick to get you in the door. We ate there in '01 and won’t go back.

A good CS place that people aren’t talking about is Cookes of Dublin. It’s strickly Fish 'n Chips. But it is FANTASTIC. And you have to try the deep fried snicker dessert. Anyway, EoS is good, but we really enjoyed this place.


BTW, there really is an “e” in Cookes of Dublin.