Planet Hollywood?


Last trip I took my kids to Ghirardelli’s for ice cream and they thought this was so neat. It was a side trip I planned and surprised them with. I’d like to do something similar and was contemplating PH. Is it worth the money? And do I REALLY need to make a ressie? Are there any places that are cool and not going to need major advanced booking?


We have eaten at PH every trip and really like it. But, the atmosphere is happenin’ and LOUD so if you don’t like that kind of thing you may want to try something else.

They have a really cool new wave lasagna dish that I always get. We didn’t make a reservation last time and walked right in and got a table right away but there were only two of us. I didn’t see anybody waiting, though.


There’s some real interesting pop and movie memorabilia to look at too- and you can go from floor to floor to look at all the exhibits- worth a visit if you’ve never been.


My DW loves their Lasagna. For me I enjoy Rainforest more, but if you never been their I would say try it.


Yes, loud!!!11


Have been once before around 2 years ago and can’t say it was fantastic! Interesting to see all of the film memorabillia but the food wasnt fantastic. We had a pasta dish that was luke warm and did not taste great. Each ot their own though!


It’s worth a visit to check it out at least once. The kids will enjoy the memorabilia.
Last time we went was probably 10+ years ago. It was quite the place in its earlier years and had line-ups out the door and down the stairs to get in. I don’t think it’s quite as popular now, I’ve never seen a line-up on recent trips, so I don’t think a ressie is required.


the kids will love it! its fun but very loud at times! the food is good, not great, but good! its a fun experience to have though :laugh:


PH had it’s day when they were opening restaurant after restaurant but that day passed many years ago. The food is ok but it is just like any other gimmick restaurant, overpriced. I can’t be too critical though since my second-cousin and also her bf work there. Hey anyone want to buy any of the PH pins from all the ones I ate at? :laugh:


I’ve yet to eat at ANY PH’s, so I’m willing to give it a shot I guess. As for noise, I have 5 kids, some days I think it would be quieter at Mardi Gras than my house. :laugh:

Ok, So food can be iffy at times since some said yes it’s good others say ehh. Which I guess is true of anywhere. But hey I’m feeding a 9, 7, and 5 yr old I think they have no real actual care I mean heck they eat Sonic :blow: As long as the place is cool.

Thanks for the input!:happy:


Do a search online too. You can laways find a coupon for some $$ off your meal at PH.

My kids loved PH. I’m sure yours will too. :smile: