Planet Hollywood


Weird… when I look at the 2011 DP flyer (, it seems Planet Hollywood NO MORE accepts the Dining Plan credits, the only restaurant on the list for Downtown Disney is FOODQUEST!! But when I try to make an online reservation, I check the “Disney Dining Plan accepted” option to make sure they only show me DDP accepted restaurants… and Planet Hollywood appears in the results (!!!) Do it mean the 2011 flyer is not really accurate and PH is still on the Dining Plan for 2011? :confused:


There is an annual dance that many of the non Disney operated restaurants initially do not participate in the dining plan when the next year’s plan is first announced. This means most of Downtown Disney and most of World Showcase in Epcot. However, by December, most restaurants that at first opted out have changed their minds and opted back in.


Ok but when i do try to make a reservation for a January 2011 date, they offer me restaurants such as Via Napoli and Planet Hollywood and they claim they accept the Dining Plan, even though my date is in 2011 ! Should I trust the Disney Dining Reservation website?


If it wasn’t an international call for you, I’d suggest you call.
When in doubt, make the reservation, but also make back up plans, just in case.