Planet Hollywood...or what?


We’re planning on Cirque La Nouba on a Friday in June for the 6pm show. Trying to decide on an early dinner before or a later dinner after the show that gets out at 7:30. We’re getting a meal voucher (good for 1 person) for Planet Hollywood from our trip package. Wondering if we should try there. It’s me, DH and 2 DSs (13 & 6). Figured DH can use the voucher and then we can either pay or use the MYW dining for the other 3. Any thoughts on this place? Anyone ever use the free voucher? Haven’t heard too much about it.


I got one of the vouchers too! We haven’t tried the food there yet but we will in Feb. :mickey:


I am not sure how much help this will be for you…

I have been to other Planet Hollywoods (not the one in Orlando, but several in other locations-many have closed since) and of all the ‘theme’ restaurants like that I have been to (Nascar, ESPN, Hard Rock and others) I think PH is the best.

It’s usually loud and kid friendly and the food in my experience has been good (not out of this world, but no complaints).


I think your kids especially would enjoy PH. The food is not great, but it’s good and the atmosphere is terrific fun! A great way to begin or finish your La Nouba experience.


I’m gonna follow your thread Cath, as we plan to be there in June also. I was thinking dinner after to talk about the show, then let the mini-mice do their own thing on PI for awhile.


I was just at PH last night and the food was great, was deffintely loud, but a nice atmosphere. I was there shortly around 5pm and got right in, came out a little while after 6pm and there was a line 10-15 minute wait then. I know it get’s busier than that and yesterday was a sunday. Just to give you an idea.


PH isn’t included in the dining plan, is it?


I have been to planet hollywood and enjoyed it. The food wasn’t the best thing in the world, but it was good food and fairly priced in my opinion. there are many other choices at DTD, but PH just seemed more “me”.


Most folks seem to be liking PH, so I’ll take the other side… :tongue:

My experience is old (about 7 years ago), so keep that in mind. We had mediocre food and worse service. It’s definitely in my bottom 5 eating experiences at WDW. We were there with my parents that year, and everyone gave the meal a thumbs down.

I remember it being VERY loud (which isn’t my cup of tea), but I did like the theme.

If it was me (and it’s not), I’d opt for a big lunch or a late dinner at a Disney run restaurant instead. Of course, so much can change in 7 years…and we might have just shown up on a bad day. With so many great places at WDW, though, that one mediocre experience kinda put it on the ‘been there, done that’ list for us.



We’ve eaten at PH a couple of times and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. Especially with a coupon!

We had no complaints and enjoyed the fun party atmosphere there. We didn’t go there for gourmet cuisine…just a burger/fries and it was fine.


we aways make a point of of dining at PH at least once every trip. We do really like it and find the atmosphere great. I think it’s a fab place for families to dine as it’s always fun looking at the memorabilia around the venue and also the great music playing on the video screen. You also still feel right in the heart of Disney.
Food is not amazing but we have never had a bad meal there and service always good.


I’ll side with Bruce.

We’ll never go back to PH. Not that it was a bad restaurant, but it just wasn’t Disney. The food was okay, but there was just no Disney magic to the place.


yes, it is…there are apparantly some menu items which are not included, however.


i enjoy going to PH. the food is good. the memorabilia is amazing. it is pretty loud in there though. that’s my only complaint about PH. there’s a lot of burgers, sandwiches, and you can get pasta and things like that as well. see if has the menu for PH.


Thanks for all your thoughts. Loud is not a problem with us, because my 2 DSs probably contribute to 50% of the noise anyway. This way I don’t have to keep telling them to be quiet. We’ve never been to a PH anywhere, so we’ll probably like it. Menu seems to have a lot of choices. And it’s close walking to the La Nouba theater.


Planet Hollywood at DTD is one of our faves. We always try to hit it at least once when we go to the World. There’s a shrimp sandwich that’s to die for. And DD loves the Chicken strips coated in Captain Crunch! (She’s 19, but still loves them)



PH is a great place to eat, only thing is they do not take ADR’s and the wait can be pretty long. We always make that our final meal on our last day in the world. It’s like our final good-bye, kinda sad but fun though.


I believe they do take ADR’s, I made one for our visit in February. Maybe, they just started.


I’m with Bruce and Cavey. It really isn’t my thing either. It doesn’t feel very Disney to me and it has been a long time since I was there, but it always seemed so crowded. It has a neat atmosphere, but PH’s are all over the place, so that is probably another reason I don’t go there. However, if I were in your position with a free voucher and meal plan, I may consider trying it again.


That’s good to know for our future visits. In the past we couldn’t make them. Thanks.