Planing dining for trip


We are going the end of May with three children We would like to do at least One charater meal and would like to dine at Boma. How soon do we need to make reservations or do we need to make them? Will we be able to make them when we arrive there? We are not sure what we should not miss we need help we have not visited Disney in 25 years. Very excited about a trip with the Granchildren and want to make the most of it without spending a fortune. Please make suggestions what we should not miss and what is not worth it. thanks


you can make them as early as 90 days out so I believe you can do them now I would definately make Adrs ( PS ) as soon as possible and not till you get there

My favorite character meals are Crystal palace for winnie the pooh and gang
Chef mickeys for mickey and gang
ohanas breakfast they now have Lilo and stitch


please help what is ADRS and PS stand for I am learning


That is so weird. You used an abbreviation–ADRS, and then to simplify it you used another abbreviation–PS :tongue: :tongue:

I’m guessing ADRS means Advanced reservation.

Also, I would consider LIberty Tree Tavern. It has the best food in MK bar none, and you get to see Goofy, Pluto, Minnie, Chip and Dale…all very photogenic!


Hi, judyb, make your reservations NOW. Call 404-WDW-DINE. Talk to your grandchildren about which characters they’d like to see, and make reservations where those characters can be found. You can find a list here:

ADR= “Advanced Dining Reservation”

As to what not to miss and what is not worth it, what are your priorities? How old are your grandchildren? What kind of vacation are you looking for? Any details you can give will help us to help you. :flowers:


You can look at menus for ALL Walt Disney World restaurants at which is VERY helpful. This will help you decide which restaurants will best suit yuor family. you can also use the great “dining finder” on

As far as a character meal goes I always recommend Liberty Tree Tavern, which is in the Magic Kingdom. It’s a very calm, quaint atmosphere, all the characters come to your table with no rush, and the food is great.

Also, you can make your Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) now at 180 days before your trip. This link may help you figure that out.


the kids are 7,6,4 two girls and a boy we will probably only do one character meal which one is the best. We are staying off property but want to visit a resort is the Boma the one to make or another which might be the best?


Boma gets very good reviews form people on here. It’s at Animal Kingdom Lodge so you will have plenty to see while you are there. Wispering Canyon at Wilderness Lodge is another restaurant that is fun for families. WL is beautiful so plan a little extra time to look around.

We really like Chef Mickey’s, it’s fun and the buffet is pretty good. Liberty Tree Tavern in MK is also a great character meal. It’s a Thanksgiving type meal served family style.


There is a toll-free number to call for reservations. It is 877-939-3732. I use it all the time now. Boma is the best restaurant in the resorts!!! If you go on a Wednesday or Saturday,you will get all-you-can-eat ribs,which are to die for!!!


407 It’s Orlando! It isn’t Atlanta! If it was, it’d be 404-SIXFLAGS, right?

This is your most important resource when planning all dining at Walt Disney World. All Ears has the menus for every single place in WDW and they try to keep the menus updated too.

When making your Priority Seating plans, you really have two levels, maybe three levels of urgency when making your plans. If you want to eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table for the Princess breakfast, unless you have a concierge in your pocket, you’d better try as early as 180 days out if you can. It is the most popular. Next would be Chef Mickey’s for breakfast or dinner, at probably 90 days. The rest, you should be able to get what you want 30 days out, I know others will say lock it all in at 90 days, but it’s your choice. Also, don’t be afraid to change plans at the last minute, once you’re at WDW. Many times, even for character meals, you will be surprised that you are able to change your plans so easily. Just remember 407-WDW-DINE, or I believe that if you call ext. 55 from any house phone on WDW property, you will also get WDW-DINE.
Bon apetite.


Oh yeah, and don’t ever cancel any PS until you’re sure you’re not going. But when you do change your mind, be kind to others and cancel, especially the character meals.


I forgot to tell you… GOOD CHOICE WITH BOMA!!! We’ve stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge several times and Boma has become and absolute FAVORITE!


Tiggerlover was a little off. ADR’s can now be made 6 months in advance. So call now.

In the meantime, I would recommend Chef Mickey’s if you’d like to see Mickey & friends. We’ve gone twice and enjoyed it.

We did not enjoy the food at Cinderella’s 1900 Park Fare, and I felt the dining room was too crowded for good character interaction.

I guess if there was one Disney restaurant I would say is “must do” with kids your age is 'Ohana for dinner. The food is delicious and entertaining (cooked on spits over a huge fire at one end of the dining room). They have hula dances, limbo contests, and coconut races for the kids. (It was humorous watching my 5 & 3 yo run to the table eat a few bites and run back to the activities.). But for all that, it’s not excessively loud.


How old are your grandchildren?Each character meal has different characters, so that may make a difference of your pick. We had a dinner at Crystal Palace because one of the children really liked Tigger. Check out the menu also.
If you haven’t been in 25 years you’ve got a lot to see.
If the children are older the Hoop de Doo can be fun also. There is a lot to do without using a park ticket also.

Have fun. I would love to see how late May is for comfort. We are planning on going next year at end of May first of June.



Oh, and I will add that your not going to see/do everything WDW has to offer in one trip. I was just there for 10 days, and still left with things undone.

Just enjoy the moments and don’t let the “I might miss something spectacular” mentality take over.

AND I HIGHLY recommend the Unofficial Guide to WDW for planning your days at the parks (It also has pretty accurate restaraunt reviews.).


Boma is a great choice. Both for the meal and to be able to visit the Animal Kingdom Lodge.
The Lodge is beautiful, and it’s just like visiting the zoo with all the animals wandering around there.

I would also suggest Chef Mickey’s if you are only going to do one character meal. You can’t miss with that one.