Planned dining


These are the restaurants we are planning to dine in during our January vacation. Any suggestions or consideration?

Crystal Palace
Chef Mickeys

Le Cellier
House of Blues
Whipsering Canyon
Restaurant Marrakesh
Hoop dee doo


try and get spoodles in there somewhere. you won’t be disappointed…


I think you WOULD be disappointed with Spoodles! Ah, all these differences of opinion…

I was going to suggest Tangierine Cafe instead of Restaurant Marrakesh. Not that I’ve actually BEEN to Restaurant Marrakesh, but I really love the Tangierine Cafe. :heart:


tangerine cafe is very good. DW and i make it a point to have lunch there once each trip. the cous cous is very good…but i am not a fan of the lentil salad.


I agreed with Chris (and not because I’m his DW), Spoodles was great we ate there for our first time this past trip and it excellent!!!


nice assist honey…


No problem


Another vote for Spoodles…but your list looks quite yummy!!


agreed - all good choices…


I like your choices! Don’t change a thing.:heart:


Ooooh! I’m so glad you have the Hoop Dee Doo in there! We love it and have gone every year. Just beware- if you are going to one of the later seatings and expect to take the boat back to MK- it may not still be in service. Last trip (slow time of the year) the last boat was at 9pm (when MK closed)- so we had to take the boat to the contemporary and the monorail to Epcot and a bus from there to get back to our hotel :crying:

We’re going again this year- but we have the EARLY seating LOL


Ohana is great for breakfast, and the Teppanyaki dining room is a favorite for lunch (it’s the same as dinner but less crowded and cheaper for the same meal)!


Your choices look great. It looks like a good trip with great food.


I would definately go to Bomas either on a Saturday night or wednesday night because they are rib nights there and their ribs are awesome. I personally would eat at the Tangerine cafe and not eat at Restaurant Marrakesh ( I thought the food was better at the tangerine cafe )


I think you’ve made some great choices. I don’t know if I would change any of them.


What about dinner at Ohana’s? Sorry self proclaimed Ohana’s addict!

If you’re happy with your choices…I’m sure you’ll have fun!


Restaurant Marrakesh was good our first trip, but it was pretty bad our second time. We won’t eat there again.