Planned or Coincidence?


So I just noticed this and perhaps I am a little slow, but found it very cool. The kickoff for the 50th celebration is May 5th which 05/05/05 which backwards is 50/50/50.

Is this why Disney picked this date to start the celebration or is it just an amazing coincidence? :mickey:


That is too cool that you noticed! It is neat…but I really think just coincidence! :slight_smile:


Actually, I think Walt planned to open Disneyland when he did so the 50th anniversery would be 50 years later, thusly the 05/05/05, which, if reversed as you pointed out, is 50/50/50.
Walt was a true genius!!!


I have no idea what I just said. :huh:


I guess I stand corrected…my bad!


Wow at least someone is observant because I never thought of that! Nice job, gingita!:mickey:


What’s so special about 50/50/50? Am I missing something?


The 50th anniversary!!!


Oh, sorry. Darth moment.




Yep, I think the Disney folks planned for the date to be 05/05/05. I’ve heard that somewhere else, too (not that Walt foresaw this happening, but that the Disney execs planned it this way). Maybe they’re just big fans of Cinco de Mayo!


[B]NO!!! Do not laugh at that!!! I always say: “Oops!!! I had an Erin moment!!!” That is my joke!!!

And now, back to the thread…[/B]


It’s too late, Darth! She already laughed :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, the 50th anniversary of Disneyland is actually July 17th. The park opened on July 17th, 1955.

The Disneyland Resort folks chose May 5th to kick off the celebration. Walt, of course, chose the year. I don’t think he planned it to be “50” backwards, though… it’s just 50 years after 1955.

May 5th is just day 1…


Darth, you crack me up. :laugh: I re-read what you said several times, and then I kind of looked like this: :huh: LOL

I believe the 5th was picked on purpose because of the “coincidental” palindrome-ness of the date, but obviously it’s not the official anniversary date. It’s just a perfect opportunity to start the celebration.

WHOA dude. :blink: WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST SAY??? :wacko: OMG, I think I need a nap. This is just sad. LOL


lol, Sharon - I bet Darth was just trying to sound smart.



That is so cool for you to notice the numbers…do you also do lottery numbers?? I promise to share…mickey mouse bars for everybody.


Wow… cool! That is so DaVinci Code-ish!!!


I would have never noticed that!


for some reason i just assumed thats why it was starting on may 5th…
looks like im smarter than the average bear teehee!