Planning a cruise for next year


This will be the first cruise we have taken (DW,DS+me) Anything special I should look for discounts etc. We are going to do the 4 night cruise.


I don’t think there are too many discounts.
A travel agent that purchases “blocks” of rooms can get you the best price. And sailing at “off” season times save lots of money also.
The difference in price between the same cruise itenary in early April as opposed to the end of April/May is unbelieveable.


Book as early as possible. By far the best hint for getting a good deal. I have people all the time that ask about rates, and them mess around for a month, and are mad when they decide to go and the rate is $1,000 higher.


Yes. I agree with Mickey…first hand!
Book super early, you can always cancel, but lock in those lower prices.