Planning a surprise


I am making a surprisse box for each of my children. Everything in it will be Disney themed. I have mickey bubbles, pirate spears, mickey mouse wash clothes etc… so I was hopeing that I could have it shipped to the resort before we got there. Are you allowed to do this and if so how do you find the address?


We ship a box down before every trip. It’s a common practice. You’ll be able to find your resort address at this link:

Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World


Yes, you can do this. You can google the address for your resort.


I have read that many people have done this…

Resort addresses…Walt Disney World® Resort Hotels, Florida, United States


We did this same thing on our last trip! I sent small gifts, etc for the kids, snacks, diapers, etc! Then, I filled the box with clothes, shoes, etc. shipped it from the hotel two days before we left and it arrived two days after us. I then could fill the suitcases with our souvenirs for the way home.


Easy to do. When shipping be sure to put your name and check-in date on the package.


Dana I appreiciate all that you do on MB you are very encourging to everyone , I just wanted to say thank you, Thanks for all your help.


Aww that is so sweet for your kids. I think I will do something similiar for my ds and his cousins for his Birthday party. Thanks for the ideas.


We have shipped to ourselves twice, bith at POR… once, the box was waiting for us in the room, and the next time, it was with the bell captain.