Planning a Tokyo Disneyland trip for 2010 need advise!


I have had a fairly rough year this year, just because of specific events in my life and I am starting to make plans in my life that will hopefully change things in my life for the better. I just did a WDW trip with my mother a few weeks ago over my 24th birthday and it really helped mend my broken heart from all the troubles I have been having. And now I want to start planning something BIG for myself, I want to try and aim for doing a Tokyo Disneyland trip in 2010 a little after I plan on graduating from college I want to do it after I get college taken care of cuz to be honest I am not the greatest of students and I have been working very hard at school for several years and I want to have something really fun to do after I get it over and done with to celebrate my achievements. And since I have been wanting to travel to Japan for years now…I figure doing a trip to Japan that would include TDLR would be just a great idea. But I know very little about the park and things to do there or what kind of pricing things go at.
If you all can supply me with information and possibly reading material that could help me better plan this trip it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and I will keep you all updated as to how the trip progresses over the few years I plan to save up for it and planning it.


That’s a big plan. I am sorry, I have absolutely no advice for you and I don’t know anyone here who’s been there. Would you travel alone? Start saving your pennies and do let us know how your plans progress :smile:


Oh fantastic!!! I long to see Japan, and Tokyo Disney and DisneySea, myself…


Japan is a beautiful country… DH and I are planning on visiting Tokyo Disney sometime this year or next. We also want to try for Hong Kong Disney while we are here. When are you coming? You have to be careful if you decide to come during Typhoon season because you might have an unexpectant visitor while you are there. Typhoons aren’t bad though, they are just like a really bad storm.
If you want I can go get a Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea map and send it to you. If you are interested let me know (or if anyone else might like one, I can get them easily enough)


Oh that would be awesome yeah I would totally be interested, I am not entirely sure just when I want to go I know I want to go in the off season so I can hopefully save a little money if you could please also come back here after you trip to TDL and tell me about it kind of like put in a diary form if at all possible making sure to put in info on how much ticketing costed and hotel costs…as well as things in the park and how much they went for that would be an extremely good resource.


My advice is to search the internet for Disney Tokyo Trip Reports…I found tons of them that were helpful. It will give you an idea of how to approach your trip. Also, you may want to use a travel agent, as they would allow you to pay as you go on the trip and may be able to give you some more advice.


Yeah I was thinking that too luckily a very good girl friend of mine works as a travel agent and her office is literally in walking distance of where I live…so I should be able to get lots of help from here on planning everything