Planning a Trip in December


Hiya All

We’ve just booked our flights for 6-20th December and though the accommodation is not booked yet (hopefully tomorrow), we plan to be going with one of the free Dining Plans offers. So today I’ve been looking up which restaurants I want to go to and deciding on the dinner shows so that I can make reservations. Anyway, having not been to Orlando in December before I don’t know what the weather will likely be like and how it will affect reservations. I wanted to do Mickey’s BBQ and it read it runs through December - is this true? I just don’t want to spend ages planning to have things cancelled on me. Am I worrying too much?

I appreciate any comments you may have.


If you live in Canada, the weather will probably be perfect for you. Days are pretty cool and nights really drop. I don’t imagine they would cancel the BBQ due to weather.


Thanks. We just actually moved to Canada (Calgary) in March so this will be my first experience of a Canadian winter so a 2 week break to no-so sunny Florida will certainly be welcome, regardless of how bad the weather gets on our trip :slight_smile:


Ooooo…A Canadian! I am originally from Vancouver, BC myself…moved to the US 6 years ago…I love Calgary. Go FLAMES!


Oh yeah. Your question.

We go around xmas every year now…and the weather is awesome. Cool early in the morning (long sleeve shirt) and nice during the day…and you need a thin sweatshirt at night…I have yet to experience rain…


We go around this time every year too. I have seen it both ways…so hot I bought tank tops and shorts while there and also, so cold there was frost on Everything on Christmas morning! I go prepared with layers.


lol. Not quite a Canadaian yet, 2 1/2 more years until I can take citizenship. Calgary is really lovely, and the weather is gorgeous at the moment, though I hear it will turn quickly. Thanks for the reply.


Thank you everyone, I feel somewhat reassured now that all of my plans won’t fall apart. Though I’ve not got to be surprised if they need a little tweaking. Cheers. Helen. xxx