Planning a WDW trip for Monday...for my sister


My sister and her boyfriend are taking a short trip to the World Mon-Wed. It is her first trip back since she was 8 years old and I think this is her bf’s first trip back in a LONG time as well. Certainly their first trip as adults. I am currently composing an email planning every day for her. I would love some tips on some “must dos” for them. I have my own and since she is just like me, I know she will love them. They will be visiting MK on Monday, HS Tuesday and AK on Wednesday. They are not using the parkhopper option. They will be staying at Pop Century. They will be doing primarily CS and QS meals but want at least one TS meal. What would be your choice if you could only pick ONE TS meal for your entire trip? They are 23 and 25…if that makes a difference, which I think, not, because hey…it’s Disney and we are all kids at Disney! :wub:


Sorry I’m late to the response. Looks like they are already there. But, I would recommend Boma at AKL Jambo House after a day at AK. They can then enjoy walking around the resort looking at the animals after a wonderful meal.


Sorry I missed the original post, but if you only do one TS and haven’t been to WDW for years, it must be CRT!