Planning A Weekend Trip!



As some of you may have heard, I was accepting into the WDW CareerStart Program! So I will become a Cast Member at the WDW Resort from Feb til Aug! My parents and possibly my siblings are driving me down to WDW. And they are planning on staying atleast one night. Possibly two or three, while I get settled in. This should be interesting considering we go to WDW for like… 10 days, usually.

But I was wondering, does anyone have any good suggestions for special things to do with my family before they go home and leave me there for 7 months! I was thinking about a special dinner or something. But I’m open to any suggestions! Thanks everyone!

It’ll be in early Feb!


Also! I forgot to mention, that I was thinking about doing the Dinner at Mama Melrose’s with the Fantasmic package. Has anyone eaten at Mama Melrose? I never have, always wanted to though! Is it yummy?


I have never eaten at Mama Melrose’s no but I have heard good things about it. If it was me, I would probably go for a meal at Ohana at the Polynesian. Only because the dinner there is so awesome and if you get a ressie for near the same time as the fireworks, you could poss be given a table at the window where you can see the castle from it and also the fireworks. This restaurant is also a very family orientated restaurant so it would be a perfect place to hvae your family get together/meal etc.


oh and btw…Congratulations!!!


Never been to Mama Melrose, but I had a similar thought to Ariel’s - a Wishes viewing from California Grill. How magical… watching the fireworks, knowing in a few days you’ll be part of the magic! :happy:

Have a GREAT time, whatever you decide to do!! Congrats again! :mickey:


I have been to the Luau at the Poly but never Ohana. I’ve always wanted to go there as well! That is a good suggestion.

What is Ohana like?


I’ve eaten at Mama Melrose and I think it’s actually pretty authentic. Every now and then I come across a questionable review, but overall, it has a great reputation. Generally the service is very good.

So, in addition to my other post about stuff to do on the last night, I think Mama Melrose with Fantasmic would be very cool! :mickey:


Thank you everyone for your suggestions and advice! :]