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Hi everyone! This is my first post here on the forums, though I have been reading many of your great answers for a while now! Be warned, I ramble…

I am hoping that all of you wonderful, knowledgable Disney lovers can help me with planning a trip for me and my long time boyfriend for December 3-7, 2006. I have already booked our hotel (Animal Kingdom Lodge, 1 bedroom suite), which I totally splurged on, parktickets, basic tics with Park Hopper, and airline, but am at a loss as far as ideas for the rest of the trip.

My BF has never been to Disney, and is not nearly as excited about this trip as I am (I have only been twice: once when I was three, and then about four years ago). I keep trying to explain to him that WDW is not just for children, but he is very sceptical. I want his input on dining, etc., but he is simply indifferent to the whole thing. He says it seems too far away, but I am already so excited I can hardly stand it. I hoped that helping me plan would get him in the mood, but so far it hasn’t worked. :sad:

I was wondering what some of you who have traveled as couples before have done, besides the parks. I want us to do the parks for sure, see Illuminations, maybe do the CP, have a Sunrise Safari at AKL, and eat at Crystal Palace (I love Pooh and friends!). Other than that, everything is really wide open.

I am looking for suggestions for restaurants (BF and I love good food, but he HATES anything TOO fancy or over-the-top, atmosphere wise); suggestions for activites (really want him to have a Disney experiance we can remember forever); and any advice about using concierge. I have never stayed on concierge level before, and though I have read all about what is involved, I don’t really totally get what they can do for you. Will they help just with reservations, or can they do some special things (suggestions for these too would be appreciated) to make our trip ultra fabulous?

I apologize for rambling (I DID warn you!), and thank you so much for any advice, no matter how trivial you might have.

Thank you so much,

Amy :wacko: :wacko:


First let me say “Welcome to DC”! Everyone here has great advice and I am sure you will find the answers to your questions. You are right about Disney, there is so much to do at WDW for adults. We are getting ready to leave on our next trip in two days and we always go as just two adults, and there are never enough hours in the day. I believe that when you get there and your boyfriend sees all that Disney has to offer you will be just fine. Be sure to check out things like Downtown Disney, Pleasure Island and the water parks. Also be sure to check out the WDW web site as there is a lot of information there as well as pictures of some of the attractions. Also check out there is a lot of information there as well. And look through these threads there is all kinds of info here! Congratulations on your trip and have fun planning it! :mickey:


Welcome to DC! There are so many good places to eat. I have not even scratched the surface myself. I would suggest checking out this site. You can see menus and view pictures. You will be able to see for yourself if it is something your BF would like. Have fun planning!


Welcome to DC! You are going to Disney during the Christmas season,which is the most magical time of all. You have to do the Candlelight Processional at Epcot. That is the telling of the story of the birth of Jesus read by a celebrity narrator and songs sung by a huge choir.


Welcome to DC!

You should plan a nice dinner at an Epcot or a Boardwalk restaurant and then plan on going to Jellyrolls. It’s a dueling piano bar and it’s a blast. No kids allowed so it is very much a grown up night out. Pleasure Island is also a lot of fun for adults, the Adventurers Club is so fun.

If you really want a special treat book an IllumiNations or Wishes cruise for just you and your DBF. It’s expensive but you get a pontoon boat for just your party, it can be very romantic.


Welcome to DC, My DH and I are doing WDW without the kids in July as there is so much to see and do! Are you doing the dining plan? We are in the middle of planning the whole trip, all our meals are booked and we are now looking at the tours that are offered to the over 16’s.

We have planned an evening at PI as well as an evening on the boardwalk. That’s just for starters.


Welcome to DC!
Jelly rolls is a very good time. IF you want to push your BF, Victoria and Alberts is a fancy dinner, but VERY romantic.

How about massages?



The Boardwalk also gets my vote. Spoodles has great food and is casual dining.

There is golf and fishing if you BF is into that. The lua or Hoop Dee Doo Review are great dinner shows.

While, I’ve never read this guide book, it gets high marks from users:


Dh and I have no children and have been traveling as “couple only” to WDW for 6 years now. Some of my suggestions would be…

“Atlantic Dance” on the Boardwalk, which is a BEAUTIFUL venue with a dance floor, bars, stage where live bands often play, and a BEAUTIFULLY “night sky” simulated ceiling.

“Spoodles” and “Big River Grill” are definately great “couples” restaurants on the Boardwalk.

Of course, Pleasure Island is always a blast for us. All of the “clubs,” “bars,” and “shows” there have different interests in mind so there is really something for everyone. Example, there is a hiphop club, 70’s/80’s club, “top 40” club, etc…

I would DEFINATELY suggest looking into getting tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil’s “La Nouba,” which is located in DTD. It is a FANTASTIC show and the location lends itself wonderfully to a nice dinner on the “west side” and a romantic stroll around afterwards.

“California Grill” at the Contemporary, if you can get an ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation) during the MK firewords the view is SPECTACULAR, the food is great, and it’s always a fun time.

“Fantasia Mini Golf” would be a fun evening activity for couples.

Oh, and you can set up something called “Lunch/Dinner with an Imagineer” where you get to eat, in a small group, with other guests and a Disney Imagineer. This is DEFINATELY a unique opportunity to gain inside knowledge and appreciation for the making of Disney magic.

I would also DEFINATELY check out the resort spas. Animal Kingdom Lodge is definately my favorite and I get a massage there every year. Several other resorts offer the same services.

Anyway, there is SOOO much to do in WDW without children and I am SURE your boyfriend will be impressed after your trip! Enjoy! :mickey:


Welcome to DC! You can’t miss with some of the dining options at Epcot. Work it out right and you can get outdoor seating during Illuminations. Also the Fantasmic Dinner Package.

Depending on your expenses there are plenty of special excursions/tours which take the trip beyond being for a kid. Behind the scenes tours, Scuba diving in Epcot, Swimming with Dolphins at Epcot. You’ve got plenty of time to research - Definetly get the Unofficial Guide.


Disney’s Dolphins in Depth. Also, because you are staying concierge at AKL, yes, do the sunrise safari, it isn’t offered to anyone else. Don’t go into the Magic Kingdom the first day. Rent a couple of SeaRaycers at one of the monorail resort marinas and chase each other around Bay Lake and seven seas Lagoon. Go parasailing at Sammy Duval’s (Contemporary). On your second night, try dinner at Narcoosee and then catch a launch over to the MK at sunset, then catch Wishes (probably at 8 PM in early December). Force him to eat breakfast at Crystal Palace and dinner at Chef Mickey’s. First timers should also consider a meal at the Coral Reef. Try the dolphin!


Sorry I can’t offer you first hand advise here…it’s been quite a few years since DH and I were there alone.

I think wish nailed it! These two would be my favorite choices too! Very close friends of ours just came back from a late honeymoon in June (they were married in October) and they had a wonderful time. The spent a good amount of time walking around World Showcase at Epcot too.

I’d definately be in for the tixx to La Nouba and a disney spa stop!


Welcome to DC! There’s so much for couples to do! A stroll around the World Showcase at Epcot, stopping for a glass of wine, watching the street entertainment, dinner at LeCellier - if he like good food in comfortable surroundings is a great evening’s entertainment. The resorts have some great bars too, if you ust want to relax and have a drink. Adventurer’s Club is great fun. I’d definitely see La Nouba.

The Birnbaum’s Official Disney Guide puts out a small “WDW for Adults Only” book. It might be worth looking at. The Unofficial Guide to WDW is invaluable and has chapters on what couples can do at WDW.


I forgot about taking a Segway tour at Epcot, your DBF might enjoy that. My DH did it last summer and really enjoyed it. Here is some information about it.


No couples ideas for you. I’m trying to figure some out for my trip…lol I just wanted to take a mintue to welcome you to Disney Central. I look forward to hearing all your plans.


Thank you all for all of these great suggestions! Some of these things sound like so much fun. I can’t wait to do more research! I LOVE Disney, and I want to make this trip extra special so that DBF can feel the magic too. I’m sure he will love it; he just dosen’t comprehend. He thinks WDW will be like Six Flags, bless him. :angel: lol

Any way, thanks again everyone, and keep the great ideas coming. Meanwhile, I’m off to do more research…



:noo: Poor guy!


he is in for such a wonderfull suprise. the first time we went my dH had no idea what he was starting. when we got married he promised to take me to WDW. when our oldest turned five we went for the first time . he was not very excited but wanted to make my DD and i happy . he is now as addicted as we are. it was his idea to go to WDW for our 25th anniversary.


Everyone knows the difference between Disney and Six Flags is that disney’s trading at $27.89, pays a dividend and is testing it’s one year highs while Six Flags closed at $9.03, is not paying a dividend, and is on a downward slide from it’s 52 week high in January of $11.93. But it’s 52 week low was $3.72.
Oh, you mean the parks. I’ve been to 8 Six Flags parks, and they are nothing like a Disney park. The dining is so much better. They don’t have Wishes or Illuminations and Fantasmic wipes the floor with any version of the Batman stunt show. But they aren’t as thrilling either. You just can’t compare Space Mountain or R n R Coaster to Batman the Ride, Superman Ultimate Flight, or Superman Ride of Steel. But I will take Expedition Everest over Deja Vu.