Planning help., large group


As some of you know, I coach girl’s fastpitch softball. We just got our team assignments for next year and the group I am coaching with went nuts when I suggested we take the team to WDW for one of their tournaments. :cool:

Now the hard part. I have a spreadsheet that I put together a few years ago with all the costs for the trip, and I need to update it with current pricing. What I have to do is figure out the most cost effective way to house 12 girls, and 3 coaches on-site.

My initial spreadsheet was based on staying at the All-Star. This would mean three girls and one mom per room. Can anyone think of a better solution then that?

Man I am so excited, this could trim a whole lot of days off of the old trip counter ! ! ! ! :whistling


Have you considered contacting the Youth Groups department, or a travel agent who knows about youth groups? You can get great rates on the park hoppers (plus you get one free ticket). Their room rates aren’t always the best, but better than standard rate.

Really, you are not going to find anything better than the All-Stars. Once you start going to places that sleep more than 4, the price starts going up much faster than the space in the room does.



I wasn’t sure about the feasability of the larger rooms, although I suspected that the All-Stars was my best bet.

I’ve PM’ed you if you get a chance.