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Working on ADRs and trying to figure out parks. Arriving on Sept. 25th at 10:45 am so want to do a park Friday afternoon. Leaving Morning of 30th. Have to go to MK on Mon. Sept 28 (DD’s 6th bday). Had planned to do Epcot on afternoon of 25th, MK on Sat., HS on Sun, MK on Mon, and Epcot on Tuesday morning (MNSSHP that nite). My concern is that Epcot will be packed Fri due to F&W plus evening EMH. But I don’t know if Sat or Sun would be any better. Thoughts/Suggestions?


I honestly don’t think Food and Wine really causes greater crowd levels over normal, but I could be wrong (though I won’t admit it).
Evening EMH will cause a swelling closer to closing time.
If you are considering Epcot on Tuesday morning, be there at 8 AM for the EMH and hit Future World hard. Try to get as much done before 9:30 as you can. At that point, either grab breakfast and wait for the open of World Showcase, or hop to another park altogether.


Definitely recommend you avoid the weekend when visiting EPCOT during the Food and Wine festival. The weekends attracts the locals to the Food and Wine festival. There is a noticeable difference between Friday and Sat/Sun.


I pretty much avoid ALL parks during weekend afternoons.


I habe had good luck going opposite the EMH parks. We did back to back MK mornings one time, and the EMH morning was much busier. Id also avoid the festival.


We are really going to have a problem fitting Epcot in without huge crowds on this visit - and it’s one of my DD fav parks!! Oh well, we’ll do what we can and when it’s unbearable, try something else!


This is why I always recommend getting park hoppers.
Sometimes you just have to change plans midstream and go somewhere else.


We are arriving on Sat. Sept. 12th around the same time, we have park hoppers and find for the extra it is worth it.

We are going to go to Typhoon Lagoon the first afternoon, have a nice dinner and be ready to start Sunday morning.


The festival is the main reason we go, the other is it’s our anniversary. Never had a problem with crowds at Epcot, weekend or weekday until about 30 min b4 illuminations. Then for some reason dang it everyone seems to want OUR SPOT!:laugh:.
One thing I have noticed is by mid-day the FP is completely booked, yet there doesn’t seem to be enough peeps in the park to justify. Either “everyone” there has FP’d, or many did then left the park. We’ve noticed A LOT of the latter towards the end of the day when tics were scanned many hours b4:frown: