Planning somebodys gotta do it


:heart: Planning is a big part of the fun. Unless you travel with a “Stick in the mud” like my husband. I ask him one day while out to lunch"So you excited about going to Disney?" Answer"No not really" (he’s 50 this year and never been before) Needless to say that blew the wind right out of my sails. So, I reply" No honey that question is like when I ask do I look fat in this, and you absolutely must reply “no not at all, you look beautiful” So about a half an hour later again I ask " You excited about going to Disney…he says “No you don’t look fat in that at all” I should know after 27 yrs …You think I would have learned by now


:laugh: :laugh: forgive me for laughing, but that is just too funny and very close to home, actually. This couple at lunch, she asking him if he was excited, that could have been us, totally

I should introduce you to sue229, her husband is less than enthused about their trip as well.

But really now, this is a challenge. A great opportunity to plan a really exciting trip, don’tcha think?


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Sorry… I found his response funny.

Yeah, that might be one of those questions to avoid from now on…

Since he expresses no interest in Disney, I guess that means you can take planning into your own plans. heh…


Though it is frustrating in the planning process because you want everyone to be as excited as you are, sometimes my favorite people to go with are the ones who aren’t really interested. I make it my mission for them to love it! And usually everything exceeds their expectations and they become Disney converts!


He’s a clever smarty pants, huh? LOL I asked DH the same question and he surprised me by saying he was excited. :slight_smile: He seemed sincere so I let it go at that. Haha!


i hope he starts getting in the disney spirit soon - for both of your sake!!


Hopefully, he will change his tune after your trip. I am really lucky, my husband is as much of a Disney goof as I am!


Some people just dont get it! You are either in love with Disney or your not.


Well, I are, I are :laugh:


You are?? :blink: Now that’s surprising!:laugh:


strange huh? :laugh:


Awww, that is so sad. Maybe you should take someone else!


I know exactly what you’re talking about! I’m the Disney nut among my family and friends, who just don’t seem to share my enthusiasm. There’s really not a whole lot you can do about it, except come to forums like Mousebuzz. You find people just like yourself who really get it! I’ve found myself that once the others get a taste, they usually fall in love with it in their own way: some with more excitement, some with less, but still with that same magic.


Oh my goodness! I have a desktop countdown going here at home and work. I remind the kids EVERYDAY, “xxx days 'til Disney!” Their response? “Who cares, Mom. Tell us when it’s one day…” The thanks I get for all the planning…


That sounds exactly like something my DH would say! :laugh: He is not all that excited about our upcoming trip either, but I don’t let that bother me - I am excited enough for both of us. I think he will have a great time when we actually get there though.


For us, planning is almost as much fun as the actual vacation. We obsess over every detail, make detailed plans, and then rarely follow them once we get there. :laugh:


I’m sorry but that is just too funny!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Sounds like something my dad would say to my mom!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: