Planning withdraw


Bali has me thinking. I am going through some serious planning withdraw. I can’t make any ADR’s until the end of April. I have my park plans and where we are going to eat for each day. I have all the extra things worked in and back-up plans in case the weather man isn’t kind to my plans. I have to get airfare, but can’t do that until my DD’s GF’sM is ready to ge them so that’s on hold for a bit. Anyone need help with plans? Packing? Organizing their closet? I need to control and plan…HELP!!!


I need help! I joined TGM and now I am in the process of changing some of my days around. Once I looked at my original plans and compared them to what TGM said to do I didn’t have as many changes to make as I thought I would. At first I thought I would have to change every day but I guess my planning was pretty good.


You can help me!! I have actually let dust build on the disney folders b/c I am just TIRED of planning, i want ACTION! Haha! I still need to work out our DL plan (everything is purchased; tickets, DL hotel, rental car, airfare, etc…) but I haven’t planned out any days, meals, etc…

Everthing is set for August except airfare.

I can use all the Japan help I can get, i know NOTHING!

Anyway Dana, I am sure it will come fast enough, you’ll be able to make ADRs next month and that’s exciting.


I am almost done, but maybe some kind of scheduling while we are there would help. We are thinking we would like to do one land at a time until we are done and then go on to the next. On the last day, do everything we want to do one more time. I haven’t written it down, but maybe I should get it down on paper? What do you think Dana?


TGM? Is that the touring plans thingy? Please let me know what I can help with. How is that? That may be fun to tinker with. How much was that if you dont mind me asking?

Wish -
I know zip about Japan too, so I don’t now how much help I would be there. What do you have left with the DL trip? I have never been there either, so again I don’t know what I can offer with that trip.


I know, thank you Dana! I am sure I am just in a little bit of a funk right now and will ressume my normal planning frenzy momentarily. hehe.


Oh Dana, I’m sure April will be here soon enough! My trip to WDW is awhile off, so I haven’t begun planning too much. I know we are staying at POR-AB and my parents may go so they will more and likely stay at SOG because my Dad is retired from the Navy. Do you know anything about SOG? I know it’s located across from Poly, but that’s about all I know. I need to find out about transportation, Dining plan, EMH (if they qualify). Hmmm…maybe I do have a few things to do after all! :wink:


We’ve also got to work out tickets! Mom, roomie, and I will all have APs, but the rookie we’re bringing along needs to get tickets. She’ll be there 5/18-5/24 and will want to do parks pretty much every day (if I have anything to say about it). As I’ve had an AP for a few years, I have NO IDEA what MYW ticket she should get.

And, as we said before, you’re going to be my official packing coach! I’m serious about it, too–packing lists, deadlines, bring it on!


I got Tour Guide Mike for a couple of dollars off through a link so I think I ended up paying about $18. Most of the information I already know but I like the format and it’s fun to play with a new site. I selected the attractions we want to do and then printed out an itinerary for each park. He gives the best order to do things in to avoid waiting in line. I also moved a couple of our days around to match his best park days.


Hang in there Dana.

I’ll post my plans soon so you can take a look at them and help me out.


Dana I since I just moved I had to let my Aps run out because of money wise ( since I didnt have a job ) so I now got a job I have to seriously put money away to get my aps since I am only an hour and half away from Disney now so I can start planning mini trips


Answer that pm I sent you back and I will get on those lists for you. I will give you a general packing list for your time of year and length of trip. It will work for all your travel party. You may wish I wasn’t your packing coach soon…lol evil laugh


I chuckle how in the end the only thing left of my well-laid plans were my ADR’s. We switched parks based on weather and days EE were opened. Had it not been for ADR’s, nothing would have stayed the same.

I guess it boils down to knowing Disney too well anymore. While I’m no expert, I really don’t need a guided plan to avoid lines and have a great time anymore.

But I’ll still be planning for the next trip. :tongue:


Done! And I’ll NEVER wish such a thing–I’m a control-freak about the rest of the trip, so it’s about time I learned to be a control-freak about this, too! :eek:


I leave in 3 weeks…I NEED TO PACK!
If you want something to do halp me with my packing…I have 2 (HUGE) suitcases to fit in everything I’ll need for a whole YEAR! HONESTLY! How is this possible?!
It isn’t. I tell you.
But if you want to help make the impossible list you’re welcome to :laugh: :biggrin:


Ok…when can you get here :wink:


Great! You made her stop posting! :tongue:


Yeah …she doesn’t talk to me any more :sad:


Hi Dana!! waves

Can you help me, I have a Communion in less than 2 months!!! :eek: