Plannning stage one complete. On to the reserveravtions!


After some debate over the last two months we have settled that we are heading back to WDW in February. We had been batting around between there and the California properties but finally settled on Florida this year and maybe Cali next year. After a long debate between Art of Animation and Old Key West we reached a compromise and are splitting time between the two. I am working on nailing down the OKW res over the next week or so and will do AOA as soon as they come open. Last year we did not even finalize what we were doing till the last minute. (Three months out.) It is so nice to be back on a normal schedule. :laugh:


I am happy to hear that you will be heading back to WDW again. I think we should see the packages for 2013 by June 15th.:heart:


Good thing to have a trip to look forward to :flowers:


This is the first trip we booked more than 3 months out. I’ve got to admit, the waiting is a bit too long for me.