Plans have changed


Well, we were going August 5-12, 2008 and were just about to book------now we may not be going then. The only reason we were going at that time was because of extended family and their ability to go then. I do not want to take the kids out of school. What is everyones opinion on a good time to go in the summer? I know August is terrible with the heat and humidity. Is the temps any better in June? Or right after the 4th of July when it becomes value season (I think)? Help!!! Do not know what to do-----


We feel the same way about taking the kids out of school. In the past we have ALWAYS gone in the Summer (June or Very Early July) Heat is pretty high… index’s around 100 or so. Crowds are pretty intense. Especially during Star Wars weekends. Our next trip is scheduled for Xmas 2008, I am expecting crowds, but no intense heat to deal with.


Once you get past mid-May, the temps are back to Africa hot with swamplike humidity. Temps don’t really begin to break until October, and then usually only slightly. Schools in Florida start getting out in early June too, so that adds to crowds.


I’ve been in July 2006 and August 2007. July 2006 (we went the week after the 4th), the temp was nice (mid to high 80s) but crowds were high. The temp may have been a fluke.

This past August the temp and humidity were super high (high 90s plus humidity) but the crowds were low. I did most things early morning and evening when the heat was manageable (as much as it can be). If I was out midday I did alot of indoor, a/c, window shopping.

I’ve also been the week before New Years…low heat but super high crowds. Because we were bodies packed in the parks everyone was still overheating from body heat.

I’d do the August again for the low crowds. That seems to bother me more than the heat/humidity (which don’t get me wrong bothers me but not as much). Since I’m a teacher I don’t have much in the way of options of going except on my vacation weeks so I stick with summer.


Summers are hot, no matter when you go. But if you go in early June or late August, you have a chance of missing the worst of the summer crowds.


I’ve been in late August the past two years. In 2006, it was hot but only melting in your shorts hot one or two days of our six night trip. This year was a different story. It was h-o-t on all days and it was definitely exhausting. BUT the crowds were very low both times so that helped a lot.


We once went during the week of July 4 and it actually wasn’t that bad, crowd-wise, at all. There’s no way you’re going to get away from the heat.

If possible, the end of August would probably be the best time to go in the summer.

You can still have a really good time, with good planning - touring early in the mornings and later in the evenings, and spending the afternoons at the pool, etc. The good thing about the summer is that the parks are open late.


this will be the first time that we have been to WDW during August. ( our next year vacation) and although we are concerned a little about the heat, we have heard that the crowd levels are very low. So I guess I have to accept that I cannot have everything. I have been in April which is lovely, January which was quite chilly on certain days but crowds low. September which was nice although very wet at times and July 4th (twice) which was ok temp, fairly hot but HIDEOUS crowd levels.
Our DD has only just started school this Sept so we really didn’t want to start off on the wrong footing with the school re removing her for vacation purposes. Also, we figured that there may be some point in her school years that we desperately need to take her out ( like when we celebrate our 10year anniversary and may renew our vows…that would be June, during term time ) so we will need to have a good record for us to be able to do that.
I am just feeling lucky that we are going


We have been in August and spring break- that’s it. That is where our dilemma lies. We don’t like taking the kids out of school. So we are debating- do we go again in August when the crowds were so manageable and it was nice to get around, but deal with the heat and humidity? Or, go at spring break time and deal with the crowds, but have manageable weather? We are still on the fence, but I think we are leaning towards spring break only because we can do more park time with lower heat. I think we need to utilize fastpasses better. This past August was probably the worst ever and I felt like we were constantly going back and forth from the resort to the parks and back and then constantly showering and trying to dress for our ADRs, etc. It was an exhausting trip. Typing this brings back the memories- maybe spring break does sound better!:redface: