Plastic Works--closed


My son is going to be so sad, I just read on another board that Plastic Works closed this spring. We knew it may be coming, a CM warned us in December, but I hoped she was wrong. I guess not.

I guess it’s a good thing I let him keep every robot we ever built, he has to have at 25 of those little things.


Oh no!! I never did it but I remember how much Nate LOVED to build and race his robots!!!


Did they say why they closed?


Why did they close it? I feel so bad for nate…I know that was a huge part of Epcot for him…so happy he saved all his bots.


I’m not sure love is a strong enough word. We’re going to really miss it, we had so much fun as a family going through it.


No word on why but I guess it’s just part of moving forward and keeping things fresh. I understand that but hate to see something we love go.


It was a huge part of Epcot for him. We always saved it for the middle of the afternoon when we were hot and needed a cool down break and gave Nate something to look forward to all day. I hope something great goes into that spot.


I hope so too…you will have to find something else for Nate at that point in the day. I know you will find something…there are so many options…it’s hard when a favorite at WDW goes away though… The things that seem insignificant to others usually is such a huge part of the world to someone else.


That is so true and that’s what makes WDW such a great vacation spot for so many people.


Oh no!! DT, ever since you wrote about it in one of your trip reports, it became a must do for my boys as well. We joked that we needed an extra suit case just to bring home our robots!!

My boys will be soo sad. :frowning:


We’re sad here too. We had to limit Nate to a certain number of robots each trip because we couldn’t get them home if we didn’t. Left on his own Nate would have spent half a day just going through PW so he could get another robot each time.

I’m still hoping it’s not true but several people reported that it was boarded up and dark last week so I’m pretty sure it’s true. Add that to what the CM told us in December and I think it’s gone.


Bummer . . . my girls loved it too! I wonder what they put in place of it?


So true…some of the things that me and my DD look forward to may seem so silly to other people. One of our biggest deals is DTD shopping…you would think that we could shop anywhere…it’s just so much fun down there for us. We also like our super, duper RnR adn TOT marathon and more or less ignore the rest of MGM…some people think it’s a waste…we don’t. Of course the AK to us means going on EE as many times in a row without a wait and then going to Rainforest for lunch…we do barely anything else there. That’s the beauty of a WDW vacation…something for every single person.:flowers:


A poster on another board said they were told it would be a year before there was something opened there and it would be something with micro cars. Not sure if that’s true or not.


It’s funny, we never do ToT, RnR, or EE but we have just as much fun doing other things you and your DD never do. There’s so much to do at WDW that it can be a so many different vacations yet we’re all in the same place.


My point exactly. People will never fully appreciate the way one person does WDW cause they have their own way of seeing everything the WDW has to offer. you have to factor in family favorites and traditions…what appeals to one family is something another family wouldn’t even think of doing…lol WDw was so smart that way…they totally made it something that you can enjoy no matter what your age, gender or tastes are.


My DS will be sad when I let him know that it is closed. We have about 15 robots ourselves because he really enjoyed doing this. I know that DD was pretty upset when they quit doing the Tree Trivia game at Innovations too. She really enjoyed competing in those trivia games for several trips. Then, last trip it was gone.

I totally agree about how one person’s favorite activity may be something that someone else doesn’t do. Since we go every year, we have gotten to where we only doing our favorite things and can skip many other attractions. Sometimes one of us will say, “You know, we haven’t done ___ in a while. We should really do it.” Disney definitely has something for everyone!


Oh NO!! We just did PW last month, we didn’t know it’d be our very last time tho!! Our family really loved it. I did notice that they didn’t have the pre-race show going on, but there was a line to do it. Wonder why they closed it?? How sad, we were looking forward to doing it next month with the rest of our traveling group.


The pre-show talk wasn’t there in December either. I thought that was strange but didn’t think much of it until a Cm told us Plastic Works was closing. We were actually asking her about ToonTag closing when she offered the PW information. :sad:


Oh, how sad! I always looked forward to the Plastic Works portions of the DT trip reports!