Playhouse Disney and other toddler things


Can anyone school me on the best stuff for toddlers? I know the obvious ones like Fantasyland, but have never traveled with toddlers before. I don’t want to miss stuff they will love just because I have always blow past it in the past. As a CM, it was my goal to do every attraction (which I did!) But, a lot of the playhouse disney stuff and other ‘kid’ things are quite foggy in my head. Any tips are greatly appreciated!


I haven’t been for 6 months, but back then the kidcot spots used permanent markers. Not sure if this is still so, but I always carry a few crayons for my DGDs to use. My DGDs loved to do the craft, but please PERMANENT MARKERS?:ohmy:


YiKes! Definitely not giving my children anything with the word ‘permanent.’ Thanks for the tip.


I’ve only traveled with toddlers once (they were 2 & 4 at the time) and what surprised me about the trip was how much they led me around. I had never done most of the stuff they wanted to do and I didn’t even notice it until they pointed it out! A good example is Playhouse Disney…I didn’t even know there was a Playhouse Disney show, but as soon as they saw the sign they started pointing at it. Believe me, they will see what you don’t see!

They loved making the masks in Epcot (jo-jo is right, there were permanent markers!). Did you make a ressie for the Playhouse Disney character meal? They loved that when we went. That’s all that’s coming to mind right now…if I think of more I will post more!


Some of things we spent more time at with those ages are Living Seas at Epcot, all the Dumbo type rides, ANY water play fountain in any park! Be sure to bring an extra change of clothing.


I know!! My 3 year old was all kinds of marked up from those. Seriously, permanent markers and kids??


Sharpie sponsors those stations— so permanent they are.

I think with little kids, spend a lot of tme in fantasyland, the train, Tom Sawyer’s Island, the rest of the Mk except the big mountains. See characters, and in Epcot, ride the big ball, the Land ride, see the movies in the countries. In HS, Stunt show if it will hold their attention for an hour, I have taken my little kids on all of it.

In AK, Everything except maybe Dinosaur and EE. They will love the animals, even if you do not spend a long time at each site…

Have fun.


We pretty much took DS (1 year old) on everything that he could go on at MK. At Epcot he reaaly liked figment and Nemo. There is also Living with the land and the boat ride in Mexico. HS we did all the shows, the movie ride, toy story, and visited with Jake. At Ak he liked the animals and Safari rdie.


One thing I noticed when we took Jillian (2) was that she was mesmerized by the little things that I normally didn’t take the time to appreciate…flowers, fountains, etc. We missed SO many shows and things that I thought we’d have time to do, but she still had a blast with the little things. So, take the time to just let them explore…seeing the world through a toddlers eyes is fantastic.


I took toddlers several times.

Playhouse Disney
Anything to do with the Little Mermaid (boys and girls love this)
The Living Seas
Crystal Palace
Chef Mickey’s
Boat rides on the Seven Seas Lagoon
Conservation Station at AK (yes, there IS a reason to go there with toddlers)
AK & MK trains
AK animal attractions

They do NOT like:

Rain Forest Cafe
Tower of Terror
Expedition Everest
Being dangled in the Tigger pen at AK
Being told there is an alligator behind them in the pool
Being sent down the zip line with Tinkerbell during Wishes