Playhouse Disney Changes?


I know this:

Your Playhouse Disney pals come to life as never before in the new Playhouse Disney — Live on Stage! show. Sing, dance and play along with friends from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins™ and more!

But, when I told my DD3 she said, “OH NO, what happened to Bear? Is he still there?”

Does anyone know the answer to this? And the exact date the new attraction opens? Thanks! :heart:


i read somewhere that the Bear show closed… and that it was opening up soon (February, I think) with the new and current characters on the stage! Sorry!!!


Yes, from what I found (surfing around) there is NO MENTION of Bear ANYWHERE! It’s funny, cuz my DD8 loved to watch Bear and the Big Blue House, but my DD3 only knows him from this show!

DD3 had tears in her eyes and said, “Well, then WHERE DID HE GO?” :crying: “What did they do with him?” . . . oh boy, what’s a Mom to do?

Minnie is DD3’s fav, and I read that the NEW show is centered around planning a surprise party for Minnie . . . so I’m sure DD3 won’t miss Bear for long! Poor Bear! :mellow:


It’s true. No more Bear. He’ll continue to be in DSMC until it finishes in March and welcomes Block Party. I’ve seen some of the rehearsals for the new show. It’s really great, even for it being Playhouse Disney!


Oh DS is going to be so pleased!


It is such a shame that Big Big World (whose sloth, Snook, is very much like Bear) is not on Playhouse Disney…


I am so pleased that they have made changes to this show as the Pooh bear and Stanley bits were just too stale for us but I have to say that I am so disappointed that Bear will not be in it. I just love that guy! I do hope that they do not just retire him completely though. Would be reat to still see him on Meet and greets in the park.
I have mixed emotions about this :huh:


Now to break it to my DD3 :frown: . . . thanks for the confirmation!


This should work out great. Sure hope ds will like the new characters on stage.


i love bear in the big blue house - wish it was on disney channel again (well…it was on at like 5 am for awhile, is it still?)!! DD7 watched him all the time, DD4 has no clue, except for playhouse disney.

but…playhouse disney needed some updating, as sad as i am to say it…most kids don’t know who stanley or bear are. jojo isn’t even on disneychannel much anymore (if at all). gotta stay current, i suppose.