Playhouse Disney (Clay)


Is anyone familar with Playhouse Disney? If so, are you familar with Clay (the ball of clay that talks in between shows)? If so, do your kids go crazy over this? Ty gets soooooo excited when he comes on and I would love it if they actually gave Clay his own show. I am sure this is only Ty so my next question would be, does anyone know how to partially Tivo something?

Lisa :mickey:


I am not sure about the parial tivo thing, but we love Clay!! He is so cute! It’s amazing how cute a little ball of clay can be!


To partially record we just put the channel on and hit the record button on our remote.

My kids used to love “Face”, the face that came on in between shows on Nick JR.


That is so funny I was just about to post the same thing :laugh: …My youngest loved face…“Per pe perrrrrrrrrrr face here…” :laugh:


MJ loves Clay too…tho a bit less so since she left her ‘yellow’ phase…


AWWW there he is, I haven’t seen him in forever!!


I was just about to give a nod to FACE, too! LOL!


I used to record JUST Face, and then when I had about a half an hour of him, I’d play it for the kids. That was like…8 years ago! LOL!

Caisley likes Clay, too!


My 2 youngest love Clay too and I do too as the Disney Channel affords me a few minutes the days I am home to get things done around the house. I know, tv shouldn’t be used as a babysitter but if you are a parent of 2 under 4 you know what I mean.


Awww…I just had such a cute flashback. My DS loves Clay and he was actually the very first “character” that my DS responded to as a baby. Clay used to sing a little song (still does sometimes) it was just, “La, La, La, La, Laaaaaaa”. Everytime I hear it I want to cry because it reminds me of when my son was so, so little!! If you go to you can play w/ Clay - he sings, you can color him and all kinds of cute things! :wub:


Cool. I am gonna have to check out the website.

I have never heard of Face.

Lisa :mickey:


hehehehehe i loved face when i was little!!! he is so cool. Is he still around. That darn school keeps me away from my one true love…face!!! it’s really sad. I wish i had time to watch him still

Face is Nickjr’s Clay. I think they modeled clay after face. i’m pretty sure face was first but not too sure


My 2 1/2-yr old daughter loves to go to the Playhouse Disney website and play the “sing-along” with Clay. You can pick several different tunes and have Clay, Cat, Pig, or Dog sing the notes (you’ll see when you check out the site). It’s alot of fun!!! :heart:


My 2yo (also Ty) loves Clay! We were watching just today and he went nuts when Clay came on! How old is your Ty?


My son likes Clay.