Playhouse Disney Dance PArty


I almost hate to bring this up, since it seems to be one of those best kept secrets, but DH’s co-worker just came back and told him about the Playhouse Disney Dance Party that occurs at HS on evenings with Extra Magic Hours. He said that last year they ran into it accidentaly, and this year when they asked about it, no-one had any information (even the conceirge, at Yacht club).

Does anyone here have any info?


hmm never heard of it.


DH has been looking it up on Disboards, and other sites and I am so excited to try it! There is a YouTube that someone filmed, I will try to find the link to post it! My kids will love it!!!


AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME for kids!!! did i say AWESOME?!?!
there was a DJ on stage with a girl dancing…it was all fun songs like the YMCA, cha cha slide (whatever it is called) all those fun dance songs…the characters came out in 2’s…minnie & mickey, pluto & goofy, annie & leo, jojo & goliath…they just kept rotating them all night. there were bubbles falling from the ceiling all night, guys making all kinds of balloon creations (hats, flowers, animals, pretty much whatever you asked for)
it was sooooo much fun!!! my DD didnt want to leave!! we had to pry her out to go on TSM but then right back in we went!! Sorry i am at work or i would post pics for you. I can put them up when i get home if nobody beats me to it!!


We ran into it too by accident last year! And I totally forgot about it!! It’s a good time and both YOU and YOUR KIDS will love it!!


This sounds like a lot of fun! Is it in the Playhouse Disney location?


It sure is!


I do have 2 pics-- both of my dd dancing with the characters. It was packed in there, but we went in June.


OOH! Good to know. Thank you!:happy:


Oh my! Someone actually has heard about this. I was doubtful, I put it on last night and heard nothing from anyone, but now I am so excited! This is definately a well kept secret!


DD wearing balloon hat


OMG! Does it cost any extra, or do you just get in by sticking around during the Magic Hours?? Ds would LOVE that!! I will definitely have to look into it for our August trip.


I don’t think it costs anything extra, it only occurs during HS Evening extra magic hours, I think, but good luck looking into it, the guy who told us about it said he asked all over and noone could give them any information. I think you will just have to go on over and see what you find! That’s what we are going to do. I hope we both have terrific luck!


Good luck can not wait to find more out…I will have to try to remember to check it out when we go next time…


This is exciting… I will check it out!


no it doesnt cost anything extra…it was part of EMH. It really is a well kept secret though!! I kinda felt bad for the people trying to get in who were not staying at a disney resort! there were kids peeking in the door.
it really was alot of fun!!


Thanks . Will be on the lookout for it.


Headed to WDW in 6 days … Will definated put this on the to do list.