Playhouse Disney Live on Stage


Was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the new Playhouse Disney Live on Stage at the Studios. Is it good. We were thinking of taking a weekend trip soon to take DS to see it. He’s a big fan!!!:blush:


has it changed over to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse yet???

i hope so!! DD loves MMCh. we are planning on seeing it in Nov. if it’s the new show.


I’m just glad that they’ve added the new characters to keep up with the programming. We’re looking forward to checking it out next month.


Yes it has been changed over to MMC and LE which my son loves!!! Just wondering if anyone had a review about it…


We can’t wait to see the new show . . . my DDs LOVED the old one . . . DD4 was very sad about Bear! BUT, she was happy to know he was still in the parade! (Haven’t told her about block party yet! :eek: )


The new show’s GREAT!!! It’s an adventure just like on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in which the characters go to different Playhouse Disney shows to solve their problem. The kids were EATING IT UP!!!


I saw it in person two weeks ago and it is so cute!!! If your kids are fans of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, Handy Manny and My Friend Tigger and Pooh they will LOVE it!!


YAY!!! i can’t wait to see it…DD will be excited too! LOL


I am kinda gutted that Bear isn’t part of it anymore as I just love the big guy :wub: However, that said, I am excited that they have changed it as the other characters had grown rather tired. I looked at the pics from the new show on Allears and thought Manny looked so cute!!! I think it’s a good thing. It needs to stay there as it is so good for the little ones but it also needed reviving to include those characters who are now on Playhouse mainly.


The new show looks REALLY cute! I saw it on Disney Channel “Behind the Ears” the other day. SO CUTE!


Oh I am sooo sad about Bear too. But it does look like its going to be very cute, and its nice for them to add the characters from the new programs.

Still gonna miss Bear though.:crying:


I can’t wait to take DS and DD. I’m sure they are going to love it. I will miss bear aswell…
Does anyone know when the block party begins???


i want to boycott it, because i LOVE bear, and stanley. but…we’ll see it i’m sure. I am glad it’s mickey and pals - seems like they aren’t featured in as much as some other characters around the parks (ride wise, for sure). i’m not a little einstein fan, and the girl on tigger and pooh gets on my nerves (when she says she’s gonna slap her cap, or whatever, UGH), but i am sure it will be well done, and kids will eat it up. my youngest had no clue who rollie polie ollie or stanley were, and barely remembered bear from the potty movie we made her watch years before. it was time for an update.


If everyone, me includd loved Bear, why’d they take him off the air?? Anyone know? I also loved Out of the Box - it remined me of some of the shows from when I was young - The Magic Garden


Oh my goodness!! I remember The Magic Garden! One of the ladies, I can’t remember if it was Paula or Carol used to shop in the store my worked at!!

My boys are too old for Bear now, so I didn’t even know the show was off the air. They both were “toileteers.” :crying:


We liked it ALOT. They have the newer shows that the kids watch, don’t get me wrong we liked the other one, but DD and DS love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, and Handy Mandy.


Yes, my DD4 will see Minnie and it’ll be BEAR?? Who’s HE? :laugh:


i think the whole “who’s Bear?” thing was happening to a lot of kids now because they have taken him off the air.:crying: :crying: I personally think his show should have stayed on the air:wub: :wub:


I think so too, I liked him. But we love the new shows too.


We love the new ones also. I think Bear would have fit in perfectly with Handy Manny and Little Einsteins…Don’t cha think???