Plaza? Anyone been here?


I’ve never eaten at the Plaza, and this restaurant has come up in several other threads. What does everyone think of it? Do you think you could get in without an ADR?


Just in case, I think you should try to get an ADR jsut so you won’t be disappointed. But you never know! If you want to show up on a whim, you might get a table! After all, it’s Disney World!


It’s great for a light meal. Their sandwiches are quite good.

We used to just show up there, but the last time we tried to walk in, there was a wait of over an hour. And they don’t even give you beepers…you have to hang out outside of the front door.
If you want to walk in, I’d go at an off-time.


I just got an ADR there for Tuesday 16th @ 4:05. I didn’t want to chance not getting in, or having an hour wait. We are going to MSSHP that night, so I thought this would be a nice light meal before the party.


Good call!


Is there outdoor seating for this restuarant or is it all indoors? I vaguely remember seeing outdoor tables here. I think on a pretty day, it would be wonderful to eat with a nice view of the castle.


It’s all inside. There are tables in front of it but they aren’t part of the serving area.

We love the Plaza Restaurant, it’s usually a must do for a lighter meal.


Okay, well I’m still looking forward to eating here. I really hadn’t thought of it until today. I feel really lucky that I was able to get an ADR 10 days before my trip. What do you like to order when you eat here?


If you eat an early lunch or dinner you should be able to get in. If it during the summer, thanksgiving week, or xmas weeks get a ADR.


Its good that you got an ADR, it is a very small place, and I always see people waiting outside. We have eaten there once, great meal, the service was not so great.


I always get a Reuben and fries.


Great place! Worth catchin’ a meal over there!:rolleyes: