Plaza Restaurant


Is the Plaza Rest at MK a sit down dining credit or a counter service meal…i have always wanted to eat there—but would it be worth a sit down credit??


It’s a sit down credit and not worth it. However, it’s one of our favorite restaurants. We love the atmosphere, it’s a great place to go for a lighter meal if you aren’t in the mood for fast food.


I agree with DT. It’s a sit down but with very simple offerings. It’s a great place though, so I’d consider going, but paying out of pocket.


I also think it’s a great restaurant,but pay OOP for it.


Another vote to pay out of pocket. Your target price for a sit down meal, including 24% tax and tip, to make it worth your using the dining plan is $32 if you have used both the counter and snack credits for that day. I would try to get my sit down cost up to $40 per person, or for the signature places $65. Eat hearty!


Yup, pay out of pocket… it’s pretty cheap and I think you’ll end up dissapointed if you use a sit down credit for it. You can always pool those extra credits to do something special like Cali Grill during Wishes, etc…

This is the menu w/ prices:
Plaza Restaurant Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World


Yeah, I dont think we’ll use it there…but it looks so yummy!


yeah, definately try it if you are both interested :happy: It’s not a lot to pay OOP.


We love the Plaza.I would recommend paying out of pocket.We go every time were in Disney.


I agree with everyone else. It is good (yummy sandwiches and ice cream) and a pretty atmosphere but I would NOT use a dining plan credit on it.


I agree with everyone else here. Good food etc, but pay out of pocket. You won’t be disappointed.


i wouldn’t waste a DDP credit on it - just pay OOP…