Please clue me in


I need help with details on the new rides and attractions in WDW, since we’ll be going back in a few weeks. i’m curious about the new things, since it’s been 3 years since our last trip. please clue me in on the basics. i appreciate it.


I’m not really sure if this is what you’re looking for but I’ll give it a shot. Don’t miss the new Toy Story ride at HS, it’s awesome. Get there first thing in the morning, the line can get long and fastpasses go quickly. Shoot as fast as you can and have fun.


At MK there in Monsters Inc. Cute show.


The Haunted Mansion was recently “redone”!

Capt Jack is in the POC ride!

It’s a small world was “redone” too . . . but that might have been 4 years ago?

Specto has new Spectro People . . . not as spooky as the last batch!

Buzz Lightyear . . . is that 3 or 4 years old?

Did that help any? :blush:


Buzz Lightyear . . . is that 3 or 4 years old? [/QUOTE]

Would you believe it’s 10 years old?


Get outta town . . . REALLY?? Gosh . . . time does fly!!! :blush:


This is a GREAT thread! There’s a Toy Story ride at DHS??? I gotta learn about that!! I’m also psyched about the touching up at Haunted Mansion.

Recent additions that I love:

  • Expedition Everest is the wildest roller-coaster ever. It’s not scary, just really wild and very cool.
  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic is the best 3D movie EVER! And the smells!!! A definate must see.
  • I can’t believe that no one has mentioned Soarin’ yet! (at Epcot) You have to experience it to believe it.

One note:

  • Monsters Inc. comedy floor is cute, but I really think it’s luck of the draw. It’s a real comedy show that involves the audience. We didn’t love it, but I think our audience was kinda dry. If you’re with a group, that’s the way to do it. HINT: If you have a favorite (and short) joke, be prepared to text it to them while you’re in line!!!


The nemo show at Ak.I like this show the best.PI has closed for good.


It has been 3 years for me and hoping to go next year. I have a sister that works there and keeps me informed and I am all over the internet trying to keep up.

They redid Spaceship Earth with a new ending.
Also the Nemo ride at The living seas.

These are two I look forward to seeing for myself.


Toy Story Mania (TSM) is a must do at HS. Get there when the park opens, grab a FP, then get in line.

Space Ship Earth at EPCOT has been redone and is worth a ride on. Soarin is also a great attraction.

EE at AK is a great ride.

Monster’s Inc. at MK is cute


thanks guys!!! i appreciate your help. this is what i’m looking for: what to check out that’s new in the parks. thanks again guys.


EPCOT: They rehabbed Rio del Tiempo at the Mexico Pavillion and it’s got an ADORABLE Three Caballeros theme now. And the line is still short! :laugh:

Do Soaring almost first thing in the morning. It’s well worth it.

There’s also a little room in one of the Innoventions buildings that talks about the history of Epcot, it’s REALLY fascinating! It’s kind of a hole in the wall, so look for it carefully!

MK: I have yet to see them myself, but the characters in the new Castle stage show move and talk. Like they’re eyes blink and they’re mouths open and close. I’d try to catch that.

HM had some pretty awesome rehab work done. The bride is pretty scary though.

I don’t know if you did the Stitch ride before or not, but I wouldn’t waste your time, personally.

DHS: Go see the new Toy Story ride, cause I haven’t. :laugh: No idea what its about.

Go see the Lights, Motors, Action stunt show!! It’s AMAZING.

I noticed alot more ‘streetmosphere’ at HS last I was there. It’s alot of fun!

AK: Expedition Everest is the only new thing I’m aware of there. If you like rollercoasters, do that one. (And just to assuage any fears…yes, you are supposed to go backwards. First time I rode it I swore we were all gonna die.)


We just got back from our trip earlier this week. And it was about 3 years for us too since we last went. To us, since it was over 3 years since we went, everything seemed new. But you definitely have to go on Toy Mania at Hollywood Studios. We tried & tried and couldn’t even get the fast passes. The wait was always 80-90 minutes. Too long for my kids to wait. Then by some miracle, a lady in our hotel lobby walked up to me and said, “Here’s a bunch of passes to Toy Mania. I’m going home today and can’t use them”. They were some strange Fast Pass. Good for 2 weeks. Anyway, we used them all! After using them, my kids said the ride was so fun that they would wait 90 minutes anyday in line to go again.


We also just got back this week {10/14}; hadn’t been since 04 & noticed lots that was new & improved!

Although we went early the wait was still 50 minutes for Toy Story Mania; I thought DH might complain but he didn’t and the ride was really cool! It seemed like it lasted a good while too - completely worth the wait!

Expedition Everest… was DH’s payback for me making him go on Toy Story; he loved it, I was shaking so hard when we got off I thought I might pass out. {I’m not so keen on backwards in the dark}, but it was over pretty quickly, thankfully and it made for some fun story telling later.

Monsters, Inc; I agree its hit or miss. We thought it was just ok this time. But I can imagine it would be really funny with a different group. I would recommend it.

Loved the Wishes fireworks and the Dream Along With Mickey stage show at the castle.

Not sure if its new (and personally I missed out on it) but the princesses all gather in Toontown for pics and this was a huge hit with my little cousin who happened to be visiting with her family around the same time we were there. By the time I found out, we were leaving so I couldn’t go…:crying:

I was nervous about Soarin, but I kept telling myself I was only a few feet off the ground in actuality & it was GREAT! Get a FP early for it though… that wait could be real long!

Crush talk (EPCOT) was fun even without kids!


Yes yes yes!!! Go see Turtle Talk!!! :biggrin:


To me Soarin is the best ride ever! I was definitely disappointed in Toy Story Mania because I thought it was going to be like Spiderman at Universal. There are many new things for you to enjoy. I haven’t been through the updated version of Spaceship Earth so I am looking forward to that. I will be in Epcot on November 14! Have fun, I know you are so excited!!