Please compare EE to other Disney coasters


OK, so I am a HUGE chicken when it comes to rides and I am deliberating whether or not I want to ride EE during my upcoming trip. I love BTMR but I hate SM because of the drops and the blast off on RNRC is way too intense for me. How would you compare EE to those other coasters? Is the drop really intense? TIA! :blush:


The backwards part is kind of intense. Can get the stomach fluttering for a short period of time. It’s definitely more intense than BMTR. I like it better than SM because it doesn’t whip around as much. If RnRC is too intense (after the initial take off), then I’m thinking EE will be, too. DS loved them all but EE was his least favorite. Hope this helps.


The drop is NOT really intense… it fools you.

HOWEVER, both times I rode it I walked away feeling very dizzy :wacko: I think that is because you go backward toward the end of the ride…(oops… hope I didn’t tell too much… sorry)

I am not a “big drop” person. I love ALL of Disney’s rides though…


It starts off kinda slow. When you stop for about 10 seconds. Hang on, you go backwards and it feels like you are twisting and turning and it even felt like you were going upside down (even though you aren’t). The backwards part is INTENSE. The rest of the ride is pretty tame compared to the backwards. No big drops, a lot of high speed turns. I am kinda of a weeny when it comes to roller coasters, but I had to try this out. Will I again, I am not sure. Have fun:ohmy: :laugh:


There really is no comparing EE to any other Disney coaster. It is different because of, A) The themeing, B) The backwards experience and C) You’re going to be deaf by the time you get to the coaster if you go through the standby line because of the bells! :laugh:

Of all the coasters at Disney… BTMR and RnR are pretty much a dead tie for my favorite. I’m a coaster and thrill ride nut. But, I’m not a big fan of the backwards part. That does make me a little dizzy. But, EE isn’t too bad of a ride. I guess if I was going to say it comes close to anything, I’d say Thunder Mountain. EE never goes upside down and I can’t remember any crazy drops.

The thing is, EE is not like any other coaster I have ever been on. For that reason alone is what makes it a ride worth doing. It’s one of those, you must at least experience it once type of rides.


BTMRR is my favorite ride in WDW of all time and I always said that EE is the ‘new school’ version of BTMRR. The “drop” REALLY does fool you as it appears from the watching zone as very intense and steep. Actually when you are riding it that drop is very smooth and more “gliding” than it is bumpy or anxiety ridden.

I also consider RnRC intense but I still ride it, it gives me a headache at times, as well as Space Mountain. I honestly could not compare EE to either of those; it feels very smooth, controlled, swift, and oh… FUN!

You really should try it once. The only part that feels intense to me is going backwards but I LITERALLY squeeze my abs as tight as possible and my tummy does not feel a thing! :smile:


I don’t like EE because of the backwards part. If it was just a forward-type coaster I wouldn’t have a problem with it.


The backwards part is the most intense part of the ride, and it’s not that bad. The drops are pretty tame. I really liked the ride. Tt has terrific theming (like BTMR). And a plus was that the line wasn’t that bad when we were there in July. I say try it.


The only difference I really noticed between EE and BTMRR was the backwards part. IF you can take the backwards movement, I think it will be okay.


Thanks for all the replies! I think I’m going to try it. If I hate it, I never have to do it again. :laugh:


That’s the spirit. I think you’ll be impressed. Let us know what you think when you get back. And have a great time!


The backward party is brief!!! And it is actually NOT scary to me. The ride is like BTMRR, but it has a LOT of hype about it, so you go in more pumped up than you do for BTMRR. There is a lot of cool theming and special effects, plus animatronics and a little movie part.
This is a ride not to be missed – and that is straight out of ht emouth of someone who will absolutley NOT ride ToT or RNRC!!!


Give it a go! I hate those huge, scary rollercoasters at other amusement parks, but I have no trouble with Disney coasters. Maybe because of the themeing. Going backwards is a little hairy, but it’s well worth the fun.


It’s a great ride. Smooth, well themed.

You’ve just got a lap bar. How intense can it be?

When I rode it during sneak-a-peak weekend, there were people from 4-84 riding. No, really, I heard a lady telling a kid she was 84, rode it and had a blast.


That’s a really good way to judge a ride… and also, you will see little kids ride EE and then race around to use their FPs right away. It’s completley fine!


VERY good point!


EE is a great coaster!! I think it is a great idea to ride it at least once, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to ride again.
But, if it makes you feel any better, last year, my 7 year old LOVED it.He rode it 10 times in one day!!:blink:
I don’t like that dropping feeling either, but, unlike Splash, you don’t really know it is coming on EE. It kind of sneaks up on you, and before you know it, it is over. It really is a lot of fun and I think you will enjoy it.


I’ve ridden most of the biggest coasters in North America and can take almost anything. Anything but going backwards. And even then, if I ride the entire ride backwards, like Racer and Thunder Road, I’m fine with it. I don’t appreciate out and back shuttle or boomerang coasters. That said, EE’s backwards parts are tolerable. I just keep thinking that Dueling Dragons was supposed to go in Animal Kingdom, not Islands of Adventure. (There’s even a hidden Mickey in the queue somewhere), and what a loss that was.


By the way, it is a lap bar, not an over the shoulder horse collar, but there’s a difference between this lap bar and the lap bar on Big Thunder. The seats on EE are divided, no sliding around like on Big Thunder. You each have your own lap bar that adjusts to you and you alone, not your seat mate. EE does go faster, and they do want you held more securely while going backwards.


I am a coaster fanatic…I have ridden the biggest, tallest, fastest in USA…and I have to say there isn’t one ride at WDW that I find to be scary. They are more fun than thrilling. The theming and hype over them makes them that much better than the worlds biggest/scariest. I love the backwards part more than forward (don’t know why…just do). I took my DD7 and DS9 on, and neither one like big drops and they loved EE. I mean I almost had to drag them on and bribe them with everything I possibly could to get them to go, but they did and loved it. Actually rode it twice. Give it a try…you never know till you try. Good luck!