Please gime me suggestions on dinning


I would like to choose some great sit downs for my next trip. We really do buffetts… Any suggestions please… per park and resort… Thanks…


If I remember correctly CP has a wonderful buffet.
I know that Hollywood and Vine is a buffet.

That’s all I remember


I made an ADR for Boma at AKL and I’m still trying to get into Ohana at Poly. I haven’t been to either but they’re great from what I’ve seen in my research.


We did both of these last trip. CP for breakfast - great; and H&V for the Fantasmic dinner. Very nice.


It’s not a buffet but 'Ohana is always good. We also like the Plaza Restaurant at MK for a nice sit down lunch, the menu isn’t huge but it’s a nice change from heavy meals and burgers.


Well, I try to avoid buffets at all cost, but Boma is great. I have done both breakfast and dinner there lately, dinner was much better. Probably the best buffet at WDW. I would second 'Ohana, not a buffet, but it is all you can eat type place. Wonderfull food, though I found the meat to be so-so. Worth the trip though!


To be honest… I my family of 5 all hated Boma… I didnt like any of the foods… Thats just my opinion… We have been to ohana for breakfast and loved it!!


I love the character dining at the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom. The food usually isn’t superior, but it is generally good and there are a lot of selections on the buffet. I always thought that their desserts were just so-so (definitely nothing special.) But the atmosphere and the Pooh-related characters is swell.

Now, Boma on the other hand has wonderful desserts and some very special food. Some of the choices are not mainstream American food, but if you like to try new things, you probably won’t be disappointed. There are usually some traditional foods served at the carving station and I think they always offer chicken fingers. Again, the atmosphere at Animal Kingdom Lodge is wonderful!


You’re going to get a lot of suggestions on this thread. Our very favorite (as well as that of about 75% of MB’ers) is LeCellier. If you’re on the DDP it’s a steal!

Also, awesome upscale dining is California Grill (top of Contemporary and 2 points on the DDP). It’s really awesome (time your meal for Wishes).

We also love Liberty Tree Tavern in MK (getting to be a tradition) for homestyle food. You heard about Boma–we’re trying it on our Sept. trip for the first time. I believe it’s the only buffet that rates 4 stars from the Unofficial Guide.

Chefs de France is great for the experience, the dining room and the French waitstaff are really something. DD2 enjoyed practicing her French on the waitress (who was very patient).

We did Rose and Crown Pub last summer just for the most awesome view of Illuminations (at least where you don’t have to fight the crowd) and the food was better than we expected although I hear they’ve dropped the prime rib from their menu.

Our favorite counter services are Flame Tree (AK), Cosmic Rays and Pecos Bills (MK), and Sunshine Seasons (food court in The Land).


Oh, I forgot breakfast at Ohanas (DW and DD’s adore the Hawaiian bread!).


We have been to ohanas for breakfast and loved it!!! Been to Boma and hated it!!! I want to try LTT next time never been there and poss la cellier for the steal…


These are my suggestions:
Crystal Palace (favorite place for lunch/dinner - never tried break yet)
LTT (dinner is served family style)
Le Cellier
Spoodles (we’re trying it for the 1st time)
Tempayani (but no longer on Dining Plan)
Chef Mickey’s
Cape May breakfast
50’s Prime Time

Happy Planning!:wub:


When did Mitsukoshi Teppanyaki go off the meal plan? I downloaded the dinning plan from Disney and they still list them as members.


I always give the same ones, but they are my favorites. So here they are by park and then I will list my favorite resort ones.

MK : Crystal palace hands-down. I like their breakfast most of all becasue it gets me in the park before it opens and the selection is WOW! Lunch and dinner are both fine too.

AK: Breakfastsaurus. For the same reasons as above and the CM there are awesome! I love them…never had a bad one…always get a good cheery CM.

MGM: Momma’s Melros. It’s not a buffet, but is hands down my favorite MGM place to eat. The food is excellent. It’s rarely that crowded and the service is fantasmic! You can get the fatasmic! package with this meal or just go for dinner. The portions are HUGE, so skip lunch or go here late.

Epcot: LeCellier. Also not a buffet, but the best steak I have ever had in my life. I love the pretzel bread they serve while you wait and the cheese soup is fabulous!!

Resort favorite:
Boma: great buffet with a different flare. I like their breakfast best, but the dinner is ok too.

Chef mickey’s: I just love chef mickey’s. It is the ultimate character meal experience. The food is decent enough and the service ok, but it’s the characters that get me there.

O’hanna: Not a buffet, but family style all you care to eat. I love this place. It’s gorgeous, the service excellent, the food DELICIOUS!, and the entertainment is amusing. I love watching the little ones have the coconut races and the hula hoop contests.

Whispering Canyon: Another family style meal that is all you care to eat or you can order off the menu. This place is an original for sure. It’s not for the shy that’s for sure. The CMs are OFF THE HOOK! Love the crazy CMs.

Kona Cafe: only cause they serve TONGA TOAST!! OMG TONGA! I want some right this minute.

I also like 1900 park fare. It’s a character meal buffet with a nice little classy touch. Great selection, excellent CMs, but the wait can some times be long. Definately worth a looksie.

well these are my favorites.


Ohana and Boma are both wonderful buffets!!! I highly reccomend them both–although Boma is a more traditional “buffet”


Here are our favorites

Biergarten in Germany (buffet)
Chefs de France–absolutely wonderful food & they really loaded the plate
The Brown Derby
Wolfgang Pucks-We love the squash soup
Boardwalk: Flying Fish Cafe
Beach Club: Cape May Cafe (buffet)
Poly: Ohanas


biergartens…best l/d buffet in the world…