Please help lots of questions


OK Richard and I were hoping for Free dining this year because he found out about the dining plan and wanted to try it ( I told him about it for two years now and you would think he would listen to me ) …

Well here are my stupid questions …

We are trying to figure out which way would be the better way to go … IF not free dining is offered …

Get APS renewed get hotel with Ap rate and DDE card and just pay for our meals or

Get dining plan Magic your way park hoppers and Pay for hotel room and I know I should have been listening but what is the difference between the basic and Deluxe plans ? I also want to see which way would be better for us because Richard likes the fact it will be paid for before hand and all we have to come up with is tips and extra snack money and souviners … PLEASE help since I am so confused on which way we should go

Oh and Richard wants to go in September this year even if we cant get Free dining …


Also our Aps expire in August .


Cheryl, I would do Free Dining. Chances are, it will be for check ins between 8/30 and 9/30…at least those were the dates for the Bounce Back Promotion. Dates for the General Public could differ. We should know by mid April.

Basic Dining Plan gives you 1 Counter Service, 1 Table Service and 1 Snack for each night of your reservation.

Deluxe Dining Plan gives you 3 meals (any way you want them…Table Service OR Counter Service), 2 snacks and 1 Souvenier Refillable Mug per person.

Oh, the Deluxe Dining Plan INCLUDES the appetizer, while the Basic Dining Plan does NOT.


I agree with kim. She’s right on the money.


thanks guys I am hoping for the free dining now when its free dining Can you get the deluxe or just the basic … Because the deluxe at least for me looks like the way to go since we always buy mugs and well at least at most have appetiser ( TS .) …


Cheryl, it’s A LOT of food. If you don’t want to sit 3 times a day to eat, you can do a lot of 2 credit meals!

I think they will give you a credit for the Basic Dining Plan and you can pay the difference for the Deluxe.

Let us know what you decide! :flowers:


I thought the deluxe you can use counter service meals too at least for me I would probably do two counter services and then one Table service except for there is two days I will be doing two table services ( Boma for breakfast and a dinner ) and then Chef Mickeys one day … for breakfast and then a good dinner at one of my favorites


Yeah, you can do two CS meals and 1 TS meals. But then you wouldn’t be getting the full value of the Deluxe Dining Plan.