Please HELP ME decide on our ADRs for Xmas week?


The only ADR we have planned is Mexico and the candlelight processional package on Christmas Eve.

The girls and I were trying to decide where else we’d like to go . . . I’m probably limited, since the 180 day mark has pasted? Haven’t called yet!

Anyway . . . we have to pick 3 TS meals . . . and I am STUMPED! :blush:

What would you do if you had to pick only 3?

Keep in mind it’s ME, DD8 and DD4 . . . thanks!


Ohanas if you can get it
Bomas if you can get it
Whispering canyon cafe …
kona cafe if you cant get ohanas ( i like breakfast here )
I know people dont like Boatwrights at POR but I do …
50 prime time cafe …


These sound good and we’ve only done Ohanas . . . I’m going to check out the menus now . . . thanks.


your welcome … anytime …


What would you do for say Christmas Day . . . we have to check out at 11am, so it would be lunch/dinner


hm are you going to the park if so I would try Liberty tree tavern or if your not I would try WCC …


Far too many to choose just 3 but…

Tutto Italia… not tried it… but I really want too!


Well, I thought about CRT (but I keep hearing Soundgod saying DON’T use two, waste of $) :blush:

Wanted Tutto Italia for Xmas Eve . . . booked SOLID!

Kona . . . for what dinner or breakfast? Never been what would your recommend?

all ears does say that the 2 favs for Xmas day are CRT and LTT


What about Le Cellier? I love it there. I also think Nine Dragons will open in November. I can’t wait to try that.


:laugh: :laugh: sorry to laugh . . . but Le Cellier is SO BOOKED, they were suppose to do a Candlelight Pkg, but they are not even taking part this year, because they were already THAT BOOKED!

I was offered Nine Dragons tonight, but I stayed with San Angels . . . do you think I should try and switch it?

I’m so a fly by the seat of my pants when we go to Disney, that making all these plans and ADRs is soooooo hard!!! :blush:


I would do Kona for breakfast I love the Tonga toast …


I am one that likes chinese food so I like Nine dragons but alot of people dont like it because its like chinese food back home ( but I love to eat chinese any day of the week ) … I am not a big fan of San Angels is good but way too dark in there to see what I am eating plus when I went there the wait staff was sooooooooooo slow and they didnt even suggest dessert they just brought the bill while we were still eating …


We did Le’ Celier candle light package christmas eve. It was great.

Christmas day 1900 Park Fare dinner great again


Kona for breakfast gets wonderful reviews… but I have only done dinner, and LOVED it!! So you probably cannot go wrong with either one.


OH. and keep trying for Tutto Tulia… they get cancellations and no shows… so you may still get in after all.


I tried again last night . . . my girls want GARDEN GRILL . . . they :heart: that place, but they only had a reservation for 4 not 3 left (Xmas Eve is booked with the CP pkg, but I’ll keep trying)

Problem is I booked my trip inside the 180 days, so it’s slim pickin’ for reservations . . . so far this is what I could get . . . still didn’t book Xmas day!

Tony Town Square 7pm Tuesday
H&V with Fantasmic Pky Wed
Cape May Cafe am and San Angels with CL Pkg PM

I was thinking of going to AK this day, so Boma might be a good choice.
1900 Park Fair, neither girls are interested in the EVIL Sisters, so they won’t go!
Most websites, suggest LTT for Xmas dinner or CRT, but we just did that in Feb and I don’t want to use two points

Thanks for all your help everyone! :heart:


Keep calling, maybe something might open up. My son loves Garden Grill too. It was the only place he asked to go back to on our next trip. I didn’t book it at first but after being asked 3 or 4 times I finally decided he really wanted to go there so I called and the had the exact time I wanted open.


My girls love that place too . . . I think it the novelty of the rotating tables, and the decorate your own cupcakes for dessert! :laugh:


50’s Prime Time (Hollywood Studios)
Ohana (Poly)
Liberty Tree Tavern (MGK)



What about trying Mama Melrose’s for Christmas Eve dinner?