Please help me make up my mind


I have two ressies for the Fantasmic dinner package, one for H&V and the other for Mama Melrose’s. I can’t decide which one should to keep? My kids tend to like buffets so that’s why I originally chose H&V, plus I can usually find more vegetarian options at buffets. Mama Melrose’s seems to be a favorite though. I checked out the menu at MM and it seemed OK to me, I don’t have too many choices there. Please give me your suggestions and why? Thanks.


Hey Tink, when we went to MM, we were not impressed. So this year we will try H&V. I like the buffett option also. It’s easier to slap the feed bags on the boys.


H&V is easier and cheaper. I wasn’t impressed with Mama Melrose’s either.


LOL, that’s why I like buffet’s with the kids, they can ALWAYS find something they like. as far as italian food goes, my kids only like fetuccini alfredo, they are a little picky.


I love Mama Melrose’s!!! Although, it sounds like H&V would be a better choice for your family, if the kids will like it then go there. You’ll find things to eat!


I vote for H & V. I did not enjoy my meal at MM either.


I loved H&V . Their is something for everyone and great desserts,too. Lots of veggie/salad options. And you can eat until your full. a good value for the money, your kids will like it and so will you.


I have only eaten at H&V for the Fantasmic Dinner Pkg. Love the food choices. They also have an ice cream bar for dessert where you get to take as much ice cream as you want as many times as you want and the topping choices are out of this world. Plus there are these chocolatey and pastry things you can choose if ice cream isn’t your choice.


I would choose H&V, we were there 2 yrs ago and they had a lot of choices for our family including 2 small kids. Service was very good and polite. It is pretty loud there though, at least the night we were there.


Have to go against the grain here. Momma’s is fantastic for the FAntasmic! package. I like it WAY more than H&V.


We just did the H&V package. Didn’t get to see the show as Wilma came in but the food was just OK to me. I just booked Mama’s for Feb. Sure hope I made a good choice. I wish they would offer Sci-Fi for the Fantasmic package! :mickey:


Ok I’ll help…

Heads = H&V :wink:

Tails = Mama Melrose’s

Glad I could help. :tongue:


We have been to MM two times and I have liked it both times allthough more the first time. I would try H&V just because I would want to try something different, but I do think MM is a very good restaraunt.


:wub: The food is very good at Hollywood and Vine. They have a good selection of foods for children & it is separate from adults. Don’t leave there without watching Fantasmic!!!

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I have ressies for the Fantasmic dinner package, my kids have never seen the show before!


I’m with you there. I was disapointed with Mama Melrose’s.


My Dh and I ate a MM just last month. We really like it. Although with kids I would choose H & V. They have more to offer. Have a great time!


We have eaten at both with the fantasmic package. We like H&V better, but we have eaten at MM without the package (on the normal menu) and loved it! I think MM would be better if it wasn’t the set package menu.

We enjoyed H&V more as the kids (alot younger then) and us all got something that we liked! I find eating where the kids are happy makes for a better meal all round.


You can’t go wrong at either place, but the kids should like the show at H&V :tongue: :happy:


If you haven’t tried MM you have to do it at least once. We have ADR’s for Brown Derby on the 31st, than off to Fantasmic. I have never tried H&V.