Please! help me to find a great disney hotel


I need help to find a great disney hotel in the middle of the magic.


What is your budget Jeany?


In the middle of the magic? I would say a mk resort. That’s magic alright. I like the Wilderness lodge best and the polynesian second. If you are looking for something a bit lighter on the budget, I highly reccomend port orleans french quarter.


Dana has some great suggestions. If you can afford it, I say definitely go for a Magic Kingdom resort. They are really in the center of it all! I love the Polynesian and the Wilderness Lodge the best!

For a slightly cheaper hotel, I recommend Port Orleans - Riverside or French Quarter, your choice.

And for a very tight budget I recommend All-Star Movies or Pop Century.



dznygrl my budget is over $130.00+


I suggest staying at one of the moderates. If you like smallish resorts without having to hike to your room after a long day at the parks, go with POFQ.


dznygrl i selected the all star movies but i need how much is this hotel cost.:confused:


Go on the official website and try booking it for just one night for your trip dates. That will give you what is costs per night. Allstars ranges around $99 a night.


i can’t find it dana what is the website of disneyworld.


What dates? I will go do it for you.


no dana i can find it.


No, which dates are you looking to go to WDW. I will go on the site and get the prices for you…no problem.


For one night in value season, the room costs $102 and some change. The range goes from $79 - $109 a night depending on the time of year you are going. The $102 is with tax for value season. Here’s a link to the website. You can change the dates etc.

Walt Disney World® Tickets & Reservations


Dana i found it and i will take a package deal i saw in the newspaper on Sunday.


Gald you found it. Good luck with booking. :heart:


thanks Dana for helping me.


Any time!:heart:


dana did you stay in the allstarmovies in 2000. Our family stay to this hotel in allstarmovies in 2003


I stayed at All starts music in 1997 and all stars movies in 2000. I like movies over music. the theme is better.


you know what Dana and I stayed on the same year.