Please Help! Public Transportation From WDW to I-Drive


Due to the hotel price issues. My friend & I Needs to move from Dolphin to Hampton inn on I-Drive.

Based on schedule provided on Linx Bus, There’s Bus #50 that will pick us up from Downtown Disney station to I-Drive (Then We’ll have to walk/taxi for the rest part, to save money).

The problem is… Where in about Downtown Disney will they pick us up at?

My plan is to take the resort bus from dolphin to DT disney, then catch the bus #50 to I-Drive then walk/cab. Is it possible? Please help!!


It sounds like not only a hassle, but costly in the end. I think renting a car and splitting the cost between the two of you would work out way better. A good rental deal can be found on


Really? because we just need the ride from Dolphin to the Hampton inn on that particular day only that’s why we are thinking of taking the bus ($2 per person each way) vs the parking n rental car costs. That’s why but worst case we’ll rent a car, if anything.


oh…I thought you meant the entire time you were there. I’m sorry. I got confused. I still think you can get a rental for a day for $35 or something…still worth it to me. Less stress and when split between the two of you, is no big deal.


The LYNX bus stop is outside Downtown Disney, just over the road from one of the entrances. I can’t for the life of me remember at which end of DTD its located though, but it is just across one road I remember that much!


I’ve also seen Lynx buses servicing the TTC.
Maybe your better choice would be to leave via the TTC and then get dropped off at DTD on your way back. That way, you’ll avoid some of the confusion looking for the DTD area bus stops. Although I do believe that there is a bus stop on the corner by the Sun Trust Bank across the street from DTD and Hotel Row.


Ask at the front desk of the Dolphin. They can set you up with all options.

If it was me I would just take a cab. Direct and saves time over the switching, waiting and walking game.


I’m thinking a cab would be a good idea also. If you are transfering from the Dolphin to another non-Disney hotel, this means you have to bring all your luggage with you. I would imagine that would be very inconvenient trying to take your luggage to a bus stop you are not really sure is located, and then load it on the bus, which may be very crowded. A cab can’t really cost that much to split, and then you get dropped off right at the door.


Sounds like money is a core issue here, so I understand if you prefer to go with the cheapest option. I vote for contacting the hotel and asking them to direct you to the bus stop. I’m sure they can provide you with all the info you need.


contacted Dolphin…they gave the Mear transportation option.

They also suggested to contact WDW Transportation center. They said there’s a bus stop located in DTD. Now, I just need to know where to find them!


Dana’s right, if you look around you can get some really good deals out there, but you have to search and COMPARE! I just rented a car on for a really good price. Good luck!


The cab does sound to be a good option as this time of the year there will be more people in the city and the buses will most probably be crowded. You with your luggage along with your friend getting into the bus will be a little off-beat. There are plenty of cab facilities available at a cheaper cost. I think that it the ride will be much pleasant and cost effective too as it will be spit between the two of you.


The bigger bus depot in DTD is at the east end, or Marketplace side. If there is a Lynx bus stop inside DTD, that’s where it would be.
But I’m still not 100% certain.


The Lynx stop is not inside DTD, its outside. I remember when getting off the bus having to cross a road and then enter DTD, I’m sure it was on the corner with a hotel behind it. There must be a Lynx bus stop map somewhere…Im off to google


Maybe this will help,


Campbell, thanks for taking the time to look up the route map and posting the link.
As can be seen (and I was really certain I’d seen the #50 bus in the TTC) the route starts at the TTC and then makes a stop at the DTD West Side Transfer Center (I have to guess this is the bus station near Planet Hollywood) before moving on to Sea World and then to its terminus downtown. Depending on where on I Drive the hotel you’re trying to get to is located, you’ve likely got a very long walk ahead of you. If you’re going to involve a taxi at this point, you’re going to be adding on anywhere from $30 - 45 total to taxi in both directions from Sea World to your friend’s hotel.

Maybe renting a car for a day isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Edit: even if you take the bus to the intersection of I Drive and SR 528, you’re still likely to have a long walk in front of you.
The closest Hampton Inn is actually on Universal Blvd, east of International Drive and is about 2.1 miles walking distance from I Drive and 528, which is where the bus turns and heads west to get on I-4 in order to go downtown.
And don’t forget, you can’t just flag down a taxi on the street, you have to call for one to pick you up unless you’re at a hotel with a taxi stand and even then, a taxi often needs to be called.